Instagram Evaluation

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Instagram Evaluation (2).png

Instagram Evaluation


Have you been spinning your wheels trying to figure out why your Instagram following just isn't growing? Having trouble converting to traffic or sales? I'm here to help!

In my Instagram Evaluation, I will: 

- Examine your bio & name 

- Study your captions & hashtags 

- Review the overall aesthetic of your feed 

Then I will email you, within 48 hours of the time you signed up, with recommendations on how to improve your feed and start growing an engaged audience. 

What are people saying? 

"Inez can see the little things that are missing that  make a big impact. She knows how to make the system work for you, and provides positive feedback in simple and easily accomplished steps." - Chelsea (@binkiesandbaubles)

"I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful advice you've provided to me.  I've started to implement some of your suggestions already, and I recently hit 1,000 followers!"  - Karen

"Inez provided a much-needed professional and objective perspective on our Instagram account. She helped us find the small things that were keeping us from achieving our goals. Thanks, Inez!" - Starfish Learning Center

"Wow! Before Inez reviewed my Instagram handle, I was at a standstill, not sure how to proceed.  Followers were dropping off and engagement had gone static. Inez was able to provide a quick, comprehensive review of my handle and give me 6 actionable items that have started to revitalize my social media progress.  All of her suggestions were to the point, made sense, and fit as a natural extension of my brand, nothing seemed too pushy, and it all flowed. Some of the ideas seem simple but are so creative and make the most of what I have to offer!  I am so excited to implement these to see the impact that they will have not only on my presence but also on my business.  I really feel that I can not only drive more leads from this channel because of her recommendations, but I will also be able to better engage with my customers and provide a higher level of customer service!" Emily, Usborne Books Consultant

"Even for an account like mine with a good following and engagement, there is always room for improvement. That's where Inez comes in. She pointed out 3 main areas that I could improve on with details and examples on how to go about it. Her feedback was positive and extremely helpful and so easy to implement! Thanks so much Inez for these pointers. I'm going to put them into practice right away and I know that it'll help my account grow even more!" - Sally (@lovestalgia)


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