Are you struggling to Monetize your influence? 

Many bloggers, influencers and content creators want to make money but struggle to really make it happen. They feel like they have to wait for some magic number of followers, readers or money to invest. 

I know what this is like because I've been there! I used to think, "I would love to make money blogging... someday". I thought I needed more traffic, more experience and, yes, even more money.

Until one day I realized that if I kept waiting, someday, would probably never come. 

That's when I decided to take my blog from hobby to business!

Within 3 weeks, I had made my first $150 and within 4 months from there, I had my first $1,000 month. And now, I am passionate about helping other mom bloggers and influencers to do the same! 

The Influential Mama Network is a membership only coaching and mastermind group for mom influencers (bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, content creators, etc.) that are serious about making money. Whether you want to make some extra cash or a full-time income, the Influential Mama Network is for YOU!

For just $27 a month, you will get: 

- Immediate access to the Influential Mama Network Facebook Group (upon receipt of membership) 

- Access to ALL of my current resources & tools, upon approval in the Influential Mama Network Facebook Group (within 24 hours of request to join). 

- Immediate access to ALL newly released resources

- Weekly email with coaching and updates.

- Weekly group coaching via Facebook Live.

- One 30 minute phone or video coaching call per month of active membership (available on a first come first served basis). 

- A mastermind of mom bloggers that are serious about making money

- Freedom to ask me anything in the group, via email or private message!

Why is all of this only $27 a month?!?

I am passionate about helping moms make real money with their blogs or social networks and I am sensitive to the fact that many mamas are on a budget and have to be very choosy about investing money into building a business. SO, I am making my courses and coaching available to all mamas that are serious about earning an income blogging!! 

If you can only afford one month then just do one month and take FULL advantage of the opportunity. But, really, all of this is valued way over the amount you will spend in one year!

Stop going it alone when it comes to blogging. content creation & social media marketing, join a network of moms that genuinely care about your success and a coach that is determined to see others succeed! Make sure you request to join us on Facebook as soon as you sign up!

DISCLAIMER: The Influential Mama Network will only work if you work it. I will do my part, the rest is up to you. So, only join if you are eager, committed and ready to rock!!