A Creative Way to Pray For Your Baby or Toddler

Bath time with my son is one of my favorite parts of the day. Sometimes it’s simply because it’s almost bed time and I’m ready for him to go to sleep (if I’m being honest) but usually it’s because it’s such an enjoyable time for him.

He splashes, "swims", laughs, colors with his bath crayons, sings… it’s an all around good time.

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Another thing I love about bath time is that it gives me an opportunity to lay hands, or wash cloth, on my son and pray.

Every night while giving my son a bath, I pray for him from head to toe – part by part. I pray for his mind, his eyes, his ears, his mouth, his hands, his heart, his hand, his feet and, yes, I even pray for his personal parts!

While he enjoys his bath time, I ask God to protect his thoughts and emotions. I pray for mental strength. As I wash his chest, I pray for his heart – physically and emotionally.

How to Pray for Your Baby or Toddler | Praying for Your Kids | Creative Ways to Pray for Your Child | www.fortheloveofmom.org

I wipe his face and pray that his eyes will always be focused on Jesus and I pray practically that God would protect him from seeing things that will awaken lustful thoughts. I pray for his mouth, that he will be truthful, kind and uplift others with his words. And for his ears, I ask that he be guarded from destructive words – that he will learn to hear God’s voice from a young age.

When I wash his back I pray that he will be strong and stand firm in his convictions. For his hands I pray that he will be a hard worker, a servant and a giver. And for his feet that he will be a blessing every where goes and that he will grow to seek God’s direction.

And the private parts?

Again, I’m specific. I pray that he will not be ruled by his desires. I pray that he respects women physically. And I pray that this part of him will only know one woman, his wife.

I take my job to spiritually parent my son seriously. I want to make the most of every opportunity to pray for and teach him to walk according to God’s Word.

I know that this form of prayer is fleeting but I will treasure it while it lasts. When the time comes that he will bathe himself (sigh) I will seek other creative ways to pray for him. (And I will teach him to pray over himself when he washes!)