6 Fun Ways to Help Kids Learn Scripture

Scripture memorization doesn't necessarily sound "fun" but there are many to make memorizing scripture an enjoyable experience for kids. And, more importantly, that will really make the verses stick! Here are some activities to help kids memorize scripture. 

6 Fun Ways to Help Kids Learn Scripture | Memory Verse Activities | Games for Memorizing Scripture | Bible Memory Activities | www.fortheloveofmom.org

1. *Put it to music. 

You can use existing songs or make up your own but music is not only a fun way to learn but it is an important part of child development

2. *Make up motions. 

To this day I remember a memory verse I learned as a middle school student because I learned motions. I actually do know it without the motions but I 100% believe the reason it stuck with me is because of the motions. Can't think of any actions? If your kids are old enough, enlist them to help! 

3. Literally hide God's Word. 

A fun way to learn Scripture and get active is to write the verse out on pieces of paper and let the kids go on a hunt for them (after reviewing the verse a few times). 

4. *Say it again. 

Repetition is a great way for kids (or anyone, really) to learn. Keep it fun by having your kids repeat the verse in different types of voices (i.e. high voice, low voice, loud voice, soft voice, baby voice, old lady voice, etc.). 

5. Remove a Word. 

Write the verse with chalk either on a board or on the sidewalk (you can also use a dry erase board, if you have one). Go over the verse a few times, then erase a word and say the verse with your child again. Erase another word, and so on, until there are no words left and your child is saying the verse on his own! 

6. Get a little crazy. 

This activity was always a favorite when I was a children's pastor and it can easily be done at home. Print out these crazy cards or make up your own. Go over the memory verse a few times then let your child (one at a time if you have more than one child) pick a card. Each card should have a directive written on it, such as, "Say the memory verse while patting your head and rubbing your tummy". The child has to do whatever it says. 

*Recommended for toddler & preschool aged children.