Hang Your Hope on Jesus Ornament Craft for Kids

I love almost everything about the Christmas season - the trees, the lights, the carols and the overall feeling of merriment. I want my son to love this season, too, but the most important thing to me as that he truly understands what we are celebrating. With the amount of focus society places on gifts and Santa, this can be a challenge for parents, if we are not intentional about making Jesus a part of everything we do!

Here is a really simple Christmas craft that will remind your child that Jesus is the reason for the season.

This Hang Your Hope on Jesus ornament is intended to go with the Advent theme of hope, but you can implement it any time during the season!

Hang Your Hope on Jesus - Easy Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids - #advent #christmas #christianparenting - For the Love of Mom Blog - www.fortheloveofmom.org

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Supplies Needed:

Ornament Template (you can make your own or download my template)

Tissue paper squares

Hole Punch


Small card that says “Hang your hope on Jesus”


Print and cut out an ornament on card stock or heavy paper. If you do not have pre-cut tissue squares, cut or tear the tissue into squares or small pieces (you can save this for your child to do, depending on the age), Prepare a card that says “Hang your hope on Jesus”. Cut a piece of yarn (6 inches is more than enough). Punch a hole at the top of the ornament and in the corner of the card.

Hang your Hope on Jesus - Christmas Ornament Craft - For the Love of Mom Blog - www.fortheloveofmom.org

Put it together:

Set out an "ornament” for your child, along with the tissue paper squares and glue sticks. Let the children glue the pieces of tissue paper on the ornament. When the child is done, have the children (or assist as needed) put the yarn on the ornament with the "Hang Your Hope on Jesus" card so that it hangs from on the ornament. Make it extra fun by playing some Christmas music!

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