2 Very Simple Ways to Get Kids in the Habit of Putting God First

When I was growing up it was extremely common for me to see my mom praying (for a very long time) and reading her Bible all the time. These are wonderful habits that we want to not only have but that we want to model for our children but, as a kid, it’s easy to feel like praying for an hour when you wake up is a little excessive or just downright impossible.

I so appreciate the godly heritage that I grew up with and I strive to give my son the same but I want him to know that putting God first does not have to be overwhelming or complicated and it can become a part of who we are and what we do in very practical ways.

Since my son was born, we have been praying and reading the Bible together. As he has gotten older, I have looked for ways to help him form habits of placing God first in his life.

Here are two easy things we have implemented that helps us start our day with God in it.

It can be a challenge to guide our kids in forming their own spiritual habits without them feeling forced or overwhelmed. Here are 2 simple ways to get kids in the habit of putting God first. For the Love of Mom Blog - fortheloveofmom.org

We say good morning to God.

Last year, in a moms group at church one of the seasoned moms shared a prayer that she taught her kids as toddlers. I jotted the prayer and the very next day I started doing it with my son before he got out of bed.

“Good morning God, today is your day. I am your child, please show me your way.”

It is extremely simple but it did not take long for it to become a habit for us to start our day by saying good morning to God. If I ever forget, my son will yell, “WE FORGOT TO SAY GOOD MORNING GOD!!!” as if it is some tragedy.

And I love it!

I want him to feel a sense of urgency to put God first and to think of him first before doing anything else in his day.

Of course, as he grows, the prayers will evolve but the principle of God first will remain.

You may want to create a different prayer but I challenge you to start the day off with your kids by saying something as simple as “good morning, God”.

There is power in acknowledging his presence from the moment you open your eyes.

We read the Bible before playing.

This is also something that will evolve into something more in depth, and already has started to but I started off simply by having my son play on his Bible app before he got to play with anything else.

The reason I did this was because I wanted to make it fun and something to look forward to rather than something overwhelming and that he “had” to do. Also, although, we do devotions together that I lead, I wanted to help him form the habit on his own.

Now, we are at a point where he is very familiar with his Bible and will “read” it himself and so he will do that rather than play with the app. Though, he still loves the app!

Guiding your children to form spiritual habits is extremely important but it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are very practical ways we can teach our kids to put God before anything else.

I hope this has helped you to see that!

I would love to hear any practical things you have implemented with your family. Let me know in the comments!

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