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Collaborations & Services

I love collaborating with brands and bloggers! There are a variety of services and collaborations that I offer: 

  • Ad Space

  • Facebook Live Presentations

  • Guest Contributors on For the Love of Mom

  • Guest Posts for your personal or business blog

  • Ghostwriting

  • Motivational Speaking

  • Sponsored Blog Posts

  • Sponsored Social Media Posts

Shoot me an email to request my media kit or to chat,! 

Guest Contributor Guidelines

  • Post can be on any topic that appeals to moms of toddlers, work at home moms or the social media savvy mom.

  • Submission must be an original article or a revision of a previously published post. Exact copies of previously published work will automatically be denied. Changes to previously published work do not need to be significant. Please include a link to the original article.

  • Must be between 500 & 1000 words.

  • Please include 1-4 original or stock photos. Any pictures submitted may be used for promotional purposes o any website or social media platform owned by or Inez Bayardo. A title image will be created for all posts.

  • Picture, bio & links to your website/social media platforms must accompany post submission or post will automatically be denied.

  • No affiliate links or links to any site other than your personal or business blog. (Employment verification may be required for business blogs.)

  • Posts may be edited for grammar or spelling. All post titles on For the Love of Mom are run through a headline analyzer and must receive a certain score. Titles are subject to change based on these results. Also, affiliate links may be added as For the Love of Mom sees fit.

  • All contributor posts are promoted via For the Love of Mom's Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter accounts. Due to demand, Instagram is not included. Please inquire about fees for Instagram promotion.

  • If you are not notified that your post was accepted within 14 days, it is safe to assume this work is not a good fit at this time. Please feel free to use it elsewhere and you can always submit again!

Please email your submission (or pitch an article idea) to