Simple SEO Fixes You Can Make Right Now

Search engine optimization can be intimidating for bloggers and website owners, particularly if they have no prior experience with it. Trust me, I know! I had no idea what SEO was or how I would ever learn to make it work for me. 

I am not an expert in SEO, I'm just a mom with a blog that has somehow managed to learn a few things on how to drive thousands of page views to my blog each month through SEO alone. 

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Again, I know it can be a daunting task and my biggest piece of advice for bloggers that want to learn SEO is to take your time. Get a book (I highly recommend SEO 2018), ask questions of other bloggers and implement something every day. Before you know it, you'll be driving traffic by the thousands to your blog all because of SEO. 

In the meantime, here are a few SEO fixes you can make to your blog right now! 

Use keywords in your menu

This is literally the quickest fix you can make to your blog. Do you have a "home" option on your menu? Or maybe it's your blog name. Change your menu options to contain keywords. For example, my homepage is called "Mom Life & Parenting" and my blogging page is called "Mom Blogger Tips". A big part of search engine optimization is telling the search engines what your content is about. "Home" doesn't tell the search engines anything regarding your content. 

Insert keywords into your about page

Yes, your about should be telling your audience who you are and what qualifies you to be writing this blog but it is also another opportunity to tell the search engines what topics you cover. Make sure you are using keywords in your about page! 

Put keywords in your tagline

If you don't have a tagline - get one! And, make sure it contains keywords to help your blog show up in search engines. 

So there you have it, three incredibly simple fixes you can make on your blog right now to help increase your search engine optimization. 

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