The Number One Pitch Mistake Social Influencers Make

As a coach to social influencers, I get asked quite a bit to review pitches to brands and offer my feedback. Without question, the number one mistake I see social media influencers make over and over (and over) again is that most will send a rather lengthy email about, well, themselves and they miss the most important factor of a pitch. The pitch

That's right, a large number of influencers are sending pitchless pitches.

Most influencers tend to pitch themselves, kind of like how you would do in a job interview. While there is a certain level of selling the brand on yourself and your abilities what you are really doing, or should be doing, is selling them on the content you are going to create for a sponsored post with them. And on the fact that the brand and your audience are a great fit. 

The Number One Mistake Social Influencers Make - #bloggingtips - #socialinfluencer -

Trust me, there is no shortage of influencers sending emails with their stats and a laundry list of brands they've worked with. Some may not be as impressive but many others will be more impressive. 

If you want to stand out from the rest pitch an idea. Show the brand how you will showcase them to your audience. 

Tell them what type of blog post you will create (tutorial, recipe, "must have's", etc.) and use a working (or example) title. For a social post, don't just say, "I'll feature your product on my Instagram where I have x number of followers", give them an idea of what type of picture or video you will create. 

Set the stage for your post instead of just tooting your own horn over how many followers you have. 

So, let's recap: 

- Send a working (or example title) 

- Focus less on yourself and more on the brand. 

- Tell the brand how you will showcase them to your audience! 

This will set you apart!

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