How to Find Brands That Will Pay You to Post on Your Blog & Social Media

How to find sponsored blog & social media posts |

When I first decided that I wanted to make money from blogging, I knew that sponsored posts would be my first goal. I did not have a large blog and my social networks were not much to speak of, either. Still, I knew that brands would pay me to write about their products on my blog or social networks. Though, I now make money blogging in other ways as well, writing sponsored posts remains to be my largest stream of income and I know of other bloggers that make at minimum a part-time income with sponsored posts as their only source of income. 

All that to say, there is definitely opportunity for any blogger to make money from sponsored posts. The challenge seems to be, how to actually get the posts. Well, you've come to the right place. Here are 5 tips on how to find sponsored posts. 

1) Look at the products you use & love. 

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You are, literally, surrounded by potential sponsored posts. Make a list of your 10 favorite products that are relevant to your blog audience and there you have 10 potential sponsored posts. 

2) Check out every brand that follows you on social media. 

If a brand follows you on social media, this means that you somehow fall into their criteria for potential followers (customers). Take a few minutes to find out if they are a fit for your brand. If they are, write them down on your list of potential brands to contact. 

3) Check out other influencers' blogs & social networks. 

Now, I'm not saying that you should search other blogs and social networks solely to find potential brands to work with. In fact, I would advise against that. What I am saying is that when you read a sponsored blog post or social media post that you think would fit your audience & brand, take note of it. Follow the brand on social media, engage with their posts regularly and when you have a concept that you want to pitch them, go for it! 

4) Sign up for influencer networks. 

As influencer marketing is on the rise, so are influencer networks - platforms designed to connect brands and influencers. There are many different networks available, to bloggers of all sizes. I highly recommend getting signed up with several networks. 

5) Get connected with PR Agencies. 

Many brands work with PR firms to help them find bloggers. You can make their job easier by finding them