The 10 Ugliest of The Ugly Christmas Sweaters on Amazon

Will you be attending an ugly sweater Christmas party this year? Don't have time to scour every thrift store in town or make your own? Well, then, you've come to the right place! I've spent entirely too much time on Amazon (like I have nothing better to do) to round up the ugliest of the ugly Christmas sweaters. 

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I have to admit, I find some "ugly" sweaters to be kind of cute. This is not one of them. 

I kind of love this one because Carlton, but, if I'm being honest, it really is quite ugly. 


And, well, it just wouldn't be fair to leave out the Fresh Prince himself. 

I don't even have words. 

What kind of Christmas party would it be without a Christmas dragon

A very Sasquatch Christmas. 

If you want to look like Christmas exploded on your sweater, go with this one. 

 I actually think this one might give me nightmares. 

I mean, I do love tacos but this might be taking it too far. 

And last but certainly not least. (Yep. That's a puking unicorn.)