Shows Moms Like You Want to See Make a Comeback

I don't know if I'm stuck in the past, longing for my glory days or if the first New Kids on the Block reunion tour was just that good but I am all about reunions and reboots. I have stayed up until midnight every single time Fuller House has a new season on Netflix and binge watch them until the wee hours. I've also watched Girl Meets World more times than I'm willing to admit and, yes, Will & Grace is on my Hulu List. I'm extremely curious to see how they're going to bring Rosanne back and now, the latest, Sister, Sister is coming back!

Shows That Need a Comeback |

I am just a little excited about this latest reboot announcement. And, of course, now I'm dreaming of all the other characters from time's past that I want to catch up with.

Come on, you know you are, too.

I asked some influential mamas to tell me some shows they would love to see come back. Here's what they said

The Fresh Prince of Belair

Some say this is far fetched because um, Will Smith. But, obviously, Netflix can afford him. Sure, it would be sad without Uncle Phil but who doesn’t want a reprise of the most fun theme song ever?

Home Improvement

The mamas have spoken, we want Jonathan Taylor Thomas back! And what better time, right? You know with Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing getting cancelled. Trust me Tim, all the ladies will watch if you give us JTT!

Clarissa Explains it All

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in saying that I need Clarissa to explain it all now more than ever.

Saved by the Bell

Who else wants to see how good-looking Zack and Kelly’s offspring are?


I'm sure it's no surprise that people want to catch up with this one. Of course, Sheneneh would be a must. 

Hey Dude

I would love to go back to Bar None Dude Ranch. I mean, literally, I would try to be an extra on this comeback.

My So-Called Life

So, according to my calculations, Angela would be 35 years old now. Probably a mom and most definitely still facing tough and confusing stuff.  

Malcolm in the Middle

It seems everyone wants to catch up with Malcolm. 


I have to admit, I've never seen this one but you don't have to twist my arm to watch anything with Nathan Fillion. 

Smart Guy

His sisters are getting a reboot, it’s only fair.


I could actually do without this one but the mamas have spoken. 

Family Matters

Even more than Zack and Kelly, I'd really like to see Steve and Laura's offspring. 


I don’t think anyone ever got over this show ending. This would be the best reboot!

Thanks to all the ladies in Influential Mamas Facebook group for sharing their tv show reboot wishes with me! 

What show do you want to see make a comeback?