Toddler-Friendly YouTube Videos That Will Get You Moving

I have a hard time fitting in time to exercise in my daily schedule. Yes, I know it should be a priority but it's a real struggle. As a work at home mom, when I'm not working all I want to do is fun activities with my toddler, getting a workout in ends up being the last thing on my mind. But, one of my current goals is to make physical activity a part of my life, without focusing so much on the working out part, but just getting myself moving! One way I have tried to do this is by including my son. He loves it, which is great for me because he will beg me to exercise, so I have no excuse! Keeping the attention of a two-year-old is definitely a challenge, so I try to mix it up and make it fun by including some toddler-friendly YouTube videos that are perfect for him but still keep me active. Here are a few of our favorites! 

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Dinosaur Stomp

I'm not sure who likes this one more, me or my son. It's a fun song with some light dancing. If you like to dance you can take it up a notch! 

All I Eat Is Pizza

Ok, so this one is a little bit strange and  I realize that "all I eat is pizza" isn't exactly healthy but my son loves this song. And, also, I secretly wish that all I ate was pizza. 

Move and Freeze

This song is not only fun but it's great for helping your little one learn to follow instructions. 

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

My son will ask for this one over and over and over again. It has some added movement that will get you spinning and there's even a second verse... neck, elbows, thighs and rear! 


Get Yo Body Movin' 

This one has some fun moves like push it (push it real good) and bouncing (what toddler doesn't love to bounce?). 

Body Boogie

When I was a children's pastor, without fail, if we sang a song with an air guitar solo that song would become a favorite. This song has several, so it's sure to be a favorite! 

Shake Break

This one is short but fun! Be warned though the puppets are slightly scary. My son was unsure at first but once that got shakin' he was totally into it. 

Shake Your Sillies Out

I love the combination of fun, dancing and exercise in Shake Your Sillies Out. 

I would love to know if you have any fun songs to get your and your little one moving that you enjoy. Let me know in the comments!