Quick & Easy Toddler Flower Craft

I am a big fan of anything that is easy. Especially when it comes to activities with my son. I don't have endless amounts of time (or money) to prepare elaborate projects but I do love to play and explore new things with him! We are currently having fun with nature themed activities. (Check out our tree and sky activities.) Here is a quick & easy flower craft we did with sprinkles that was a big hit! 

This easy flower craft is perfect for busy toddler moms! _ #toddlers #toddlercraft #toddleractivity _ fortheloveofmom.org

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Items Needed: 

White paper, card stock or paper plate 

Yellow tissue (I used one from my tissue squares) or construction paper 



Green Pipe Cleaner


Cut the white paper in the shape of a flower. (Note: I used paper but I think card stock or a paper plate would have been a better option.) Cut the yellow tissue or construction paper in a circle for the center of the flower. Set out the glue and sprinkles (with the lid on!). 


Help your child glue the yellow circle in the center of the flower. Then, let your toddler place the glue all over the flower, with your assistance. Then assist your child with pouring the sprinkles on top of the flower. (You may want to pour some sprinkles into the lid, to prevent your child from emptying the bottle at once.) Let the glue dry and then tape the pipe cleaner to the back. 


Ask your child questions flowers. Where do we find flowers? What color are they? Do they smell good? You can also allow time for your toddler to shake the bottles of sprinkles because he will definitely try! 

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