The Rocking Motherhood Challenge: 10 Ways I'm Rocking Motherhood

If you follow very many mom blogs, you have likely seen The Rocking Motherhood Challenge but just in case you're not familiar with it, I'll fill you in! Basically, bloggers tag other bloggers to challenge them to write (give or take) 10 ways they are rocking motherhood.  I have to admit, I've been avoiding this challenge for awhile now. I think it's great, I just really didn't know how I would come up with so many ways I was rocking motherhood because, quite frankly, most days it seems that I am hanging on by a thread more than anything. 

That very reason is why I realized that I should take this challenge. And why this is an incredible idea to begin with. I think most of us feel like we're barely hanging on but if we just take a step back and take inventory we will realize we totally rock at this mom thing. So, thank you, Kirsty from That Noise is Mine for nominating me! 

10 Ways I'm Rocking Motherhood - The Rocking Motherhood Challenge

1) I have a deep appreciation for motherhood.

Sure, being a mom has it's challenges and, as I mentioned earlier, it often feels like I'm barely hanging on. But if there is one thing I do well as a mom it is that I stay grateful. When I hit my mid-thirties and still struggled to find someone to start a family with, I came to the realization that there was a very good chance I would never be a mother. Or a grandmother. Which I really looked forward to, for some strange reason. So, although my pregnancy was completely unexpected and the circumstances were anything but ideal, I feel incredibly blessed to be a mom. It's a role that not everyone gets to have, no matter how much they want it. So, in good times and in bad I am eternally grateful that I get to experience motherhood. 

2) I ain't too proud to beg. 

Ok, so I actually am too proud to beg but one thing that motherhood has taught me is that it's ok to ask for help. 

3) I feed my son a moderately healthy diet. 

In my former life I worked with other people's kids. In doing so, I observed that most moms had their "thing". For example, I worked with some kids whose mom was an ER nurse. Safety was her thing. I actually think I might have a couple of things but I'm pretty sure if you asked my family, they'd say food is my thing. It has been important to me from day one to teach my son healthy eating habits. And the reason I say he has a moderately healthy diet is because part of that is trying to chill out once in awhile and let the kid have a cookie... or half of a cookie. I'm a work in progress but I am kind of proud of the steps I've taken not just to feed my son a healthy diet but to teach him moderation (in hopes that I don't lead him to have some food issues later in life!)

4) I cultivate faith in God. 

This is my other thing. And just like I find the balance of teaching healthy eating habits but not creating an obsession for "forbidden" foods, I find passing down my own faith to my son a bit of a balancing act. I realize he's not even quite two years old but I am ever mindful of how I teach him about God because one day he will have to make his own decision about what he believes. 

10 Ways I'm Rocking Motherhood - #rockingmotherhoodchallenge

5) I don't fuss over messes. 

At this very moment, my son's arms are covered with green marker. Sometimes the kitchen floor is covered with oatmeal because it's a fun sensory activity. If it's too cold outside, there's probably water and pans and measuring cups, too! I love to watch my son explore and learn which usually involves a mess... and I'm ok with that. 

6) I can do circle time like nobody's business. 

Fine, it's not much of a "circle" but the things you generally do in circle time - sing, dance, read stories - I'm pretty good at them all. I've often said this is when I feel most in my mommy groove

7) I dress my son well... on a budget. 

Some people think that dressing a boy is not nearly as fun as a girl. I beg to differ. I mean, I've never had a girl but still... I beg to differ. I love shopping for my son and putting outfits together. I will say, I think it might be a little more difficult because there doesn't always seem to be as big of a selection for boys and also, for some reason boy clothes always have weird animals on them... or stripes. But, still, I get a great amount of joy out of putting outfits together for my son. However, I am on a budget. So, I try my best to shop smart - I have a monthly clothing budget, take advantage of sales, steer clear of buying outfits that can't be mixed and matched, visit outlets at least twice a year and I plan ahead! 


8) We try new things every single week. 

I decided that in 2017, my son and I would do something new every week. For the most part, we visit new places but sometimes weather doesn't permit, so we'll do a new activity at home, like that one time we made this play yummy (yes, I said yummy) play dough recipe I found on Pinterest

9) I take notice of his interests and encourage them. 

I know, I know, he's two what could he possibly be interested in besides Daniel Tiger & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Trust me, he's definitely interested in those (which I try to harness toward books and toys as much as possible). But when he expresses interest in something, I do my best to take the time to encourage his interest and allow him to explore it. Whether it's the garbage truck, the gardener (my uncle does our lawn maintenance which makes him my son's favorite person), music or basketball (he's actually obsessed with those last two). Right now they may be varied and fleeting but I want him to know that I will always support his interests and passions, so I am starting now!

10) I do my best to include his dad in his life and nurture that relationship. 

Things with my son's dad did not go the way I had hoped. Raising my son without a dad in the home is not at all what I pictured and it's not what I ever would have wanted (it's still not). But life doesn't always go as planned and sometimes we just have to make the best of our situation. So, that's what I do. From the time I was pregnant, I have been pushing my personal feelings aside (sometimes better than others) to do what I feel is best for my son. And I feel that knowing his dad and having a relationship with him is best. At this point, this does require quite a bit of involvement on my end. One day my son will be able to pick up the phone and call or video chat with his dad anytime he wants, without my assistance. One day he won't need me to fill his dad in on the details of his life. And one day, I won't have to play hostess to his dad when he comes for visits. For now, though, this is what I do. But even when my involvement isn't so heavily needed, I will still do whatever I need to do to make sure his dad is included and to make sure my son knows (and more importantly, feels) that, even though we are not together, we are not divided. 

So, there you have it... ten ways I'm rocking motherhood! I nominate Ashly from The Good, The Bad and the Poopy

How about you, how are you rocking motherhood?