The Busy Mama Food Hack You Need

If you know me very well, or at all, you know that I am not the most (or at all) skilled cook. And, also, I love anything with a shortcut. I mean, hey, I'm a busy mom, after all - I have a toddler to chase around all day and I work from home. I need a good hack in my life! 

The Busy Mama Food Hack You Need _

This post is sponsored by Great Day Farms. All opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure for more information. 

I recently learned Great Day Farms ready to eat hard-boiled eggs and I have to say, they are the BEST food hack! Especially, if you are pressed for time but want to maintain a healthy diet (they are an excellent source of protein). 

Or, perhaps, you're like me and struggle to find something to take the summer BBQ or potluck. I picked up a package of Great Day Farms eggs in the deli at Walmart and whipped up some deviled eggs in less than 10 minutes! Who doesn't love a yummy deviled egg? 

Busy Mom Deviled Egg Hack _

And, yes, in case you were wondering the eggs really are good. I was a little concerned about that myself. But I was pleasantly surprised that they tasted really great. 

Here are some ways busy mamas can use this Great Day Farms food hack: 

Spruce up a salad with hard-boiled eggs.

My family loves adding hard-boiled eggs in the mix when we have a salad bar. These eggs will make an easy dinner even easier! 

Eat some Great Day farms eggs for breakfast.

There really is not much that's quicker than this for a mom on the go! 

Use them in your potato salad.

Potato salad is so yummy but can be a little laborious. Take out a step by using Great Day farms hard-boiled eggs. 

Make egg salad for a quick lunch. 

As a work at home mom, I am not always ahead of the game when it comes to lunch ideas. Keep some ready to eat eggs on hand and you can make a quick egg salad! 

Whip up some deviled eggs to share. 

Skip the store-bought baked goods and make deviled eggs for your next potluck. It's so easy! 

Great Day Farms _ Food Hack for Busy Moms _ Hard-boiled eggs %5C Deviled eggs

Don't forget to stop by the deli and Walmart to pick up your Great Day Farms hard boiled eggs.