25 Must Follow Pinterest Boards for Moms

I remember when you could join Pinterest by invitation only. I had a couple of friends that had it and I desperately wanted in. After some (awkward) reminders, I finally got an invitation. And my life forever changed. (Cue angelic voices)

At first, all I did was pin. And pin. And pin. It didn't matter if it was something I would never do (like bake a cake), if it looked appealing to me (and cake usually does) I pinned it.  I eventually actually made something I saw on Pinterest, life size candies for a Fall Festival. I was so proud. 

25 Must Follow Pinterest Boards for Moms

I have since even made desserts and appetizers that I've found on Pinterest. I begged a friend to let me throw her a gender reveal party because I had pinned the heck out of those ideas. My baby shower was totally Pin-worthy (thanks to my aweseome friend) and I never would have come up with my son's UNO party idea without Pinterest. 

My love for Pinterest runs deep. And I'm willing to bet there's a good chance yours does, too. So, I have decided to put a list together of come 25 Pinterest boards that moms should follow.

From self care to kid care to financial care, these boards have you covered!

Personal Growth and Self Care

Intentional Motherhood

Art of Mom Life

Mom Fashion

Beauty for Moms

Health and Nutrition

Easy Fitness Tips for Real Moms


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