2 Super Simple Sky Activities for Toddlers

One of my goals for my son was to start doing more theme based play and activities in September. We got off to an early start in the week of August, focusing on things of nature. If you know me at all you know that I love doing fun activities with my son but they have to be easy. Not just because I'm a busy work from home mom but also because I'm pretty craft challenged! Here are 2 super simple sky activities for toddlers. You will need minimal supplies (and artistic talent!). 

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Day Sky

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Items Needed: 

Blue construction paper

1 yellow pom pom

Rainbow colored pipe cleaners

1 coffee filter 


Q-Tip (Optional)



Cut the pipe cleaners in half and bend in a rainbow shape. Cut the coffee filter into cloud several small cloud shapes. If you are using white glue place some in a small container (egg cartons work great) with a Q-Tip. Place the supplies out for your child. 


Let your toddler play with the glue and the items, assisting as needed. 


Ask your child questions about the objects that "belong" in the sky. You can add some other objects like birds, planes, etc. At the end of our project, I taught my son a fun song about birds in the song. (It's actually a morning song, but he didn't mind!) 

Night Sky Toddler Activity | Moon & Stars Craft | Toddler Sky Crafts | #toddlercraft | #mooncraft | www.fortheloveofmom.org

Night Sky

Items Needed: 

Black construction paper

Yellow construction paper

Star stickers



Cut the yellow construction paper in a moon shape. Set out the paper, moon and star stickers. 


Set out the supplies and let your child glue, with assistance, and place the stickers on in the "night sky". 


Just like the day sky, ask questions about the night sky. We also sang a song after this activity. "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". 

And there you have it! As I said, these activities are super easy but my son really enjoyed them. Especially as we continued to talk about the sky throughout the week. 

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