Stop Waiting for "Someday" and Start LIV'ing

I am a dreamer. I love to dream about places I want to go and things I want to do. Several years ago, before the term "bucket list" became a thing, I started a dream book. In this book, I've recorded everything I could think of that I want to do and as I do them I mark them off. It's so fulfilling not just to have this list but to actually mark things off. And there have been times that I've done things simply because they're on my list, like that one time I went to Cabo even though it was "bad timing" on my calendar. Or that time I moved past my fear of moving "too far" from family, condensed my belongings to four suitcases and boarded a plane to Hawaii because my list reminded me that this was my dream

We all have a "bucket list" but, unfortunately, many don't ever actually get around to marking anything off. They just keep waiting for "someday" but "someday" never comes. 

Do you have a Bucket List of things you'd like to do _someday - Stop waiting for someday and start LIV'ing TODAY!  #livlist #bucketlist #familytravel -

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This is why I've decided to kick the bucket list and start LIV'ing! 

A friend of mine first introduced me to Liv several months ago. What is Liv, you ask? Liv is a global lifestyle company that provides exclusive access to extraordinary life experiences and other premium member-only privileges designed to enrich daily living.  

Liv's mission is to elevate people's level of living - from enriched life experiences to deeper connections and unforgettable memories. Liv encourages people to reach their goals and dreams today instead of putting them off until their life is almost over! 

I don't know about you, but I can totally get on board with this! 

Liv membership highlights: 

Live Marketplace

Exclusive limited-time offers on new and innovative products. 

Liv Travel

Personal travel portal with 100% best price promise. I was really shocked by how low these prices are!

Liv Deals

Daily discounts and special offers. I was surprised by this, too. There are many offers in my local area and you can easily look up offers in other places that you may be visiting. 

Liv Photobook

Re-Liv favorite memories with custom-made photo albums which are automatically curated from your social #livmoments. The albums are automatically sent when you reach 60 #livmoments. I haven't received one just yet but I can't wait until I do! 

Liv Assistant

Get access to your own personal virtual assistant for recommendations and requests - 24/7.

What I Love about Liv

As a mom, exposing my son to travel and new experiences (whether far away or near to home) is one of my highest priorities. I also make it a priority to be intentional about thriving in motherhood - enjoying the journey and intentionally creating moments with my son. 

What I personally love about Liv is that it gives me access to experiences I otherwise couldn't afford. Liv Travel assures me that I get the best deals when planning our trips, Liv Deals helps me discover new places close to home or save money on some of my favorites places and Liv Photobook (#livmoments) keeps me focused on creating moments - big or small - and truly enjoying life. 

So, what's on your LIV list? 

Find out more and start Liv'ing