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Growing up in my family, Saturday mornings were spent out on the ball field. If I wasn't playing (that one year I attempted to play), I could be found on the bleachers loudly cheering on my brother and his coach (dad) or running the snack bar with my mom and sister. 

Little league was a major part of our lives and it is one of the best memories I have. We played other sports as well - soccer, basketball... even badminton!  Perhaps it is because of my sports filled upbringing but I'm already counting down the months until my son is old enough to play a sport. 

Beyond the great memories that playing a team sport can bring, it teaches kids valuable life lessons like teamwork, responsibility, discipline and how to win/lose graciously. 

As beneficial as playing sports can be, though, it also requires a great deal of coordination for all parties involved  – the child, parents, coaches. There's practices, uniform fees, game schedule and, of course, those last minute changes. 

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This is where TeamSnap comes in! TeamSnap is a website and app (available on iOS and Android) designed to help coordinate all the details involved with managing sports teams. I've played around a bit with it and I really love it! In fact, something like this would have come in handy for my old job as a children's pastor. I was always coordinating some type of event - whether it was a trip or choir practice. Being able to communicate so easily would have been a huge help.

It really is easy to use! Someone creates the team (i.e. manager, coach, team parent, etc.) and adds members to the roster. When a member is added, he or she will receive an email invite to join TeamSnap. Upon accepting the invitation, that person can then set up an account. Parents, grandparents or guardians can sign up as “non-members”. Additional contacts can also be added. All of the contacts will receive updates and alerts via text or email. This is really helpful for parents that have other people helping with drop off's and pick up's. Everyone will be on the same page with TeamSnap. As a coach or manager, you can easily communicate with the entire team all the important details from practice/game schedules to fees to who’s bringing snack. 

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