Simple Ways To Make a Single Mom's Mother's Day Extra Special

Chances are, the majority of single moms will not have the same celebratory experience on Mother’s Day that many moms with partners will have.

She probably won't get breakfast in bed, flowers or even a gift. (And if she has very young kids, she won’t even get a homemade gift from school!) It's not likely that she'll get the afternoon off to have some "me" time, given a sweet card of gratitude and some may not even hear the words “Happy Mother’s Day”.

I am a single mom myself and though I won't be getting breakfast in bed, I will still be celebrated more than many single moms because my family is very intentional about celebrated all the moms but for the countless single moms that may not be celebrated in the way they deserve, I want to share some simple ways that you might be able to make a bittersweet day, a little more sweet for a single mom. 

Simple ways to make mother's day extra special for a single mom friend. _

Go out of your way to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. 

This may seem insignificant to you but to be thought of could make all the difference to a mom that is flying solo in parenting - send a text, make a phone call, seek her out at church or brunch. 

Give her a small gift or card. 

If you have a close friend or family member that is a single mom, you might consider giving her a small gift on Mother's Day. Especially, if she has young children, depending on her support system, it may be the only gift she receives! It doesn't even have to be a gift. A card or handwritten note works just as well. 

Help her children give her a gift. 

A couple of year’s ago for Mother's Day, my sister bought me some chocolates on my son's behalf. He was so proud and happy to present me with "his" gift. The fact that my sister gave him that joy, made me far more happy than the chocolates. (Of course, I did enjoy them!) 

Perhaps instead of giving a gift of your own, you can help a family members' children pick out a small gift for their mom. While you may have a partner that will do this, a single mom doesn't and getting a gift from her child could make her day. Plus, it might make her child's day, too.

Tell her she's a good mom. 

I really believe one of the most powerful things you can do to help brighten a single mom's Mother's Day is to simply tell her what a great mom she is. This doesn't mean you need to pity her. In fact, leave out the fact that you "don't know how she does it", just tell her what a great mom she is - tell her something you admire about her parenting. Every mom appreciates affirmation and while most moms with partners will experience this at the very least on Mother's Day, most single moms will not. 

I know that Mother's Day is your day but, trust me, taking a few minutes to acknowledge a mama without a partner could make a tremendous impact in her world, even if just for a day! 

And Happy Mother's Day to you

I'd love to hear your ideas on how to make Mother's Day special for a single mom in your life. Or maybe you are a single mom. What would make your day? 

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