A Simple Homeschool Structure for Preschool Moms

I recently started a regular “school” schedule with my son. It is still very much like playschool but we are keeping a routine of two days a week and doing some structured activities for a few minutes at a time. While I don’t believe in pushing young children into formal academics, I do see the value in learning activities and in developing the attention span. The decision to start homeschool preschool was a rather quick one, literally one day we weren’t, and the next day we were!

I had no time to research suggested schedules or anything like that, I just put something together that worked for us.

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Our Homeschool Preschool Session Structure:

Story Time

We start off with our book of the week. Since we only do “school” twice a week and repetition is good for learning, we do the same book on both days.

Simple Learning Activity

After story we do a simple activity that goes with the book, generally it is something that encourages fine motor or gross motor skills and focuses on color or number recognition or simple math.

Coloring Sheet or Worksheet

For those of you that are anti-worksheet, trust me, I can’t even believe this is part of our schedule but so far it’s a favorite of my son’s. I am not pushy about it by any means and I do like the skills that it is building in him, like how to hold a crayon! (We typically don’t do a lot of coloring because my son won’t sit still, so school time is a perfect time to do it.)

Snack Time

I love to find a snack that goes along with the theme of our book or letter of the week. Pinterest is a great resource for this!

Bible Story

In addition to our book of the week, I select a Bible story to read. Unlike the book of the week, I don’t necessarily repeat the Bible story on the second day. It depends on the selection of stories - some letters have a lot of matching Bible lessons or sometimes there’s only one of our Bibles that has the story and when we repeat a story, I like to read them from different children’s Bibles.

ABC Mouse

I was hesitant to utilize electronics during “school” but I signed up for a free trial of ABC Mouse and I love it! I go to “basics” in my son’s account and pick the letter of the week. I love that it incorporates game type activities and songs or chants.

Hands-On Activity

We end our day with a craft, sensory or STEM learning activity.

Sample Homeschool Preschool Schedule - For the Love of Mom Blog - fortheloveofmom.org

How much time should you allow for this homeschool preschool schedule?

In looking at the schedule, it may seem like a full day but it takes us about 60 minutes, if there is a sensory activity or something that could involve a bit of “free play”, it could extend our time by 15 to 20 minutes.

The time really does go fast but we have so much fun! My son calls me “teacher” the whole time we are doing school. It’s the cutest thing ever.

Where to do homeschool with a preschooler

As I mentioned earlier, we jumped into homeschooling rather quickly, so there are still some things that I am working out. Right now we are doing our schooling in my son’s room which works but I think another space would be more ideal. The important thing is to try to limit distractions. I make sure all of his toys are picked up and even put some away. We do story time so that he is facing a wall rather than his toys. And when I seat him at his table, I also face him away from his toys. Another thing that helps in our space is that I have everything ready and easily accessible, so that there is no down time in between activities.

Stay connected with our homeschool preschool fun

I will be adding a post each week on our letter of the week but if you want to keep up with our theme in real time, make sure you watch my Instagram stories. I share our activities every Tuesday & Thursday. If you missed a week, check out the highlights in my profile.

Do you have any tips for homeschool preschool?

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