Signs That Your Toddler or Preschooler is Ready for Pre-Writing

Pre-writing is the ability to write the lines and strokes that make up most letters. This can start much sooner than you may think but as discussed in the previous pre-writing post, there are many activities that will prepare your child for writing long before she picks up a pencil. You may be wondering, though, when your child will be ready to pre-write. Is it an age or are there specific signs to look for?

This post will cover how you can know if your child is ready for pre-writing!

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4 Signs That Your Little One is Ready for Pre-Writing

Displays hand dominance.

Randomly scribbles or “draws”.

Will sit and color.

Has some control of the writing utensil, which shows in some concentrated coloring or even coloring within the lines.

Pre-Writing Abilities According to Age -

Pre-writing Ability According to Age

Of course, each child develops at a different pace but typically children will have the skills for pre-writing according to the list below.

2 years old

Randomly Scribbles

Randomly scribbles in horizontal, vertical or circular motions

Can imitate horizontal, vertical and circular direction

2-3 years old

Can imitate horizontal, vertical and circular lines

3-4 years old

Can copy horizontal and vertical lines

Can copy a circle

Imitates +, / and \

Can imitate a square

4-5 years old

Can copy a +

Can trace a line

Can copy a square

Imitates a triangle

Imitates X

Grasps a pencil in the correct position


Imitating, tracing & copying

Imitating usually involves following motions of someone else. For example, if you take a crayon and draw from the bottom up and your child imitates that motion. Tracing means that your child can write line to line (or dot to dot) over lines, shapes, etc. Copying means that your child can look at a line, shape, etc. and independently write a close resemblance.

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