Simple Self Care When You Work From Home

Making self care a priority is a challenge for most moms - stay at home, working outside of the home and work at home moms - it really doesn't matter which category you fall under. I think the unique challenge for moms that work from home is that the boundary between work and home is easily blurred... because, well, there's no actual physical boundary. This makes it much too easy to "go" to work every chance you get like when your child is finally playing contently alone! Of course, doing your job is important but it's nowhere near as important as taking care of yourself. Here are a few easy ways for a work at home mom to make self care a priority: 

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This post was sponsored by Tai Pei. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Put on a facial mask while you work

I know it's not exactly a trip to the spa but the next time you take a bathroom break, take a few extra moments to do face mask. If you're anything like me, you're probably not wearing makeup anyway! And if you just can't bear to be away from work, check your emails on your phone while you wait. 

Regularly schedule friend dates

Again, I know how time is a hot commodity but taking even just 2 hours in a month to spend with friends (kid free) will fill your cup. 

Prepare snacks and meals in advance

The one thing that probably trips me up the most when it comes to self care is food and a lack of being prepared. I can be a major snacker when I'm working and I often find myself forgetting to eat and then not making the best choices because I'm in a hurry. Prepare healthy snacks and meals in advance. Pack a lunch just like you would if you left the house for work every day. Another way to be prepared is to stock up on some delicious frozen entrees, like Tai Pei, the next time you go shopping. 

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Take breaks to move or do light exercises

This is something I am really working on! I've realized that while I am constantly "busy" unless I'm playing outside with my son, I don't move a whole lot and it has definitely taken it's toll. I know that when you work at home, every second you get to actually work feels precious but it's not as precious as your health. Try walking around when you make phone calls or marching in place while you check your emails. If you're doing something that allows you to be hands free, lift some hand weights. Or if exercising while working doesn't seem to work for you fit it into your household chores or mommy duties. Just get up and move. 

Keep a water bottle at your desk at all times

Dehydration can cause a series of issues including: headaches, muscle cramps and, in more severe cases, dizziness, lack of energy, irritability and confusion. (Source

I hope you've found these tips helpful!

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