How To Recycle When You Have Non-recyclable Items

I don't claim to be extremely crunchy but I do believe in doing what we can to take care of the environment and ourselves. For me this means, limiting the using products that are free of dangerous chemicals, reducing water/electricity usage and, recycling. I believe these are all pretty easy ways to contribute to a healthier environment. But what do you do when you have non-recyclable items? 

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This post is sponsored by Tai Pei. All opinions expressed are my own. 

You may have seen my previous posts about how much I love Tai Pei Asian Food. Their entrees are so delicious, conveniently packaged for easy heating up and perfect for a quick meal. I really love the orange chicken and Chicken Fried Rice . So much so, that I've started to accumulate a nice collection of empty cartons. 

Tai Pei Entree Container Repurposed |

If you know very much about recycling, you probably know that most frozen food containers can't be recycled. This is because they are usually coated with something containing plastic that helps with the process of keeping the food frozen.  Of course, there are others that can't be recycled either. But just because you can't drop them off at a recycling center doesn't mean that your non-recyclable containers have to go straight to the landfill. You can still use (or reuse) them around the house! 

I have all kinds of "repurposed" jars at home and I even have some repurposed food containers, like this craft stick storage container made from a Tai Pei entree. My current craft storage containers are either too large or have holes in them, neither of which are great for craft sticks. I took one of my empty Tai Pei frozen entree packages, painted it with black acrylic paint and within minutes, it was ready to store my craft sticks (similar to how fast it is to prepare Tai Pei in the microwave). You could also cover the container with decorative duct tape and you can use the container for other things like pens, scissors, cotton balls or even nail polish. The Tai Pei containers are also perfect for other craft supplies like pom poms!

Tai Pei Entree Container Repurposed |

Make sure you go to the Tai Pei website, use the store locator to find a location near you that sells the delicious entrees and download a coupon, so you can try some Frozen Fried Rice for yourself for $1 off. And don't forget to save the empty entree containers! 

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