5 (Unconventional) Reasons I Love Being a Mom

Yes, yes, I know being a mom is challenging but I think any mom would agree that the good parts of being a mom far outweigh those challenges. There really is nothing like being a mom and I am beyond grateful that I am one! I could probably come up with a pretty long list of reasons why I love being a mom but I'll spare you and just list 5 and since you've probably heard them all before, I'll go with some "unconventional" reasons. 

5 Reasons I Love Being a Mom | Unconventional Reasons to Love Motherhood | Why I Love Being a Mom www.fortheloveofmom.org

1) 10 minutes of sleep feels like 10 hours. It is wildly popular among moms to complain about being tired. And, you better believe I join the chorus. However, if I'm being honest, although I sleep a lot less since becoming a mom, I sleep pretty darn good. I can literally fall into a deep sleep instantly and no matter how much time has passed it feels like I slept a lifetime! 

2) I can blame my weight problems on my child. Ok, so, I think I probably have to get off this train now that my son is almost two but its been a good ride. If you have any other suggestions on who I can blame (other than myself, of course), please do let me know!

3) Mom brain is an acceptable excuse for pretty much anything. Sorry, I didn't text you back... mom brain! Whoops, I forgot to go to that thing I didn't really want to go to anyway ... mom brain! Did I miss the deadline? Mom brain! 

4) It's my "job" to play, sing and dance. All. day. long. I mean, seriously, sure I only get paid in hugs and kisses, and my boss can be a bit of a tyrant at times, but the singing and dancing alone is basically a dream come true.

5) I can order from the kids menu and look practical when really I just wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. I really like grilled cheese sandwiches. 

What do you love about being a mom?