Quick Zip Fitted Sheet: Save Time (And Your Sanity!)

I recently came across a website that had a blog with several video tutorials and diagrams on how to fold a fitted sheet. (I promise, I'm not making this up!) On one hand, I actually think it's quite brilliant of this company, a sheet company, to offer such a helpful resource. After all, fitted sheets are pretty awful. But on the other hand... who in the world has time to read a blog, watch videos and study diagrams just to learn how to fold a sheet? 

No one. That's who. Ok, maybe someone but definitely not anyone I know. I'm not sure I've ever met anyone that properly folds a fitted sheet. Ever. Most people just roll it up in a ball and shove it in a closet or drawer somewhere. Because, again, who has the time? Not me. It's bad enough that I have to put those suckers on the bed in the first place. I have actually cried while trying to get a fitted sheet on my son's crib mattress. I don't blame the sheet. I blame sleep deprivation. But, still... I cried.

I'm not even going to get into how many times I've woken up with half a sheet or no sheet left on my bed or the number of times I've gone to bed with no fitted sheet because I didn't even want to bother (before I was a responsible mother, of course). 

I think you get the point. I do not like fitted sheets. The fitted sheet seems like a necessary evil to me. At least, it was. But not anymore (cue the hallelujah's). 

Save Time (and your sanity!) with this innovated easy to zip on and off sheet. You'll never need a fitted sheet again. Click to find out more!

(This post has been sponsored by QuickZip, however, all opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure for more information.)

Thanks to QuickZip, fitted sheets are no longer a necessity... and I no longer have to wrestle my son's mattress every time I change his sheets! So, what exactly is QuickZip? I'm glad you asked! QuickZip is the first innovation to the fitted sheet since 1959. It’s a patented two-piece fitted sheet with a base and a zip-on sheet. 

Here's how it works:

Yes, there is a diagram but don't worry, you wont' have to refer to it every time you need to change your sheets. I promise! QuickZip has two parts - a base and a zip on sheet. The base only needs to be put on the mattress one time and the zip sheet is easily zipped on and off when you need to change the sheet! 

Photo Credit: QuickZip 

Photo Credit: QuickZip 

Oh, and there's a video, too... but just the one! 

And there you have it... it's really that easy. And, the best part is, they're not just for crib mattresses! QuickZip fits mattresses all the way up to King and California King. My son and I both have QuickZip sheets on our beds now and we both love them. Not only are they easy to put on and take off but their 200 thread count sheets are extremely comfortable. I have been really happy with our QuickZip sheets and, as you'll see below, my son has been too! 

Quick Zip Fitted Sheets