5 Places That Can Benefit From Kid-Friendly Donations

It's amazing how quickly kids can accumulate stuff and keeping it under control can be a challenge for parents. The thought of getting more toys and clothes on holidays and birthdays can be a little overwhelming for parents but these are actually great opportunities to go through your child's things and donate to other children or organizations that can benefit from them. 

I know there are many organizations out there and while I have nothing against those that run second-hand stores to earn money to fund their efforts, I like the feeling of knowing that a child in need will be using my son's stuff. Here are a few ideas of places that could benefit from your kid-friendly donations: 

Places To Donate Kids Stuff | www.fortheloveofmom.org

A Pregnancy Help Center

Pregnancy help centers serve women (and families) facing crisis pregnancies. Often times these women lack both resources and support. You can find out if your city has a pregnancy center here.

Battered Women’s Shelter

Often times women in these shelters have children and it is also likely that they left their home situations in a hurry and with little to no bags packed.

Family Shelter

The thought of homeless kids absolutely breaks my heart but it’s a fact. A family shelter is an excellent place to donate your kids’ clothes and toys. There are kids of a variety of ages and the shelter itself can usually use toys (and books) for the children who come through.

Foster Agency

There are many private agencies/non-profits that help to connect families with children and these families need items for the children they will welcome in their homes (or have already welcomed).


If you attend church, you might consider finding out if they need donations. Unless your church has a clothing ministry, chances are they won’t accept clothes but they may be in need of some new toys or even furniture for their children’s ministry. Make sure you ask before you dump your stuff off on a Sunday morning (that’s the children’s pastor in me talking)! Also, you may want to ask your church if they know of any families in need or perhaps you can do some brainstorming of your own. Is there a single mom in your Bible Study who could use some help? Maybe there’s a couple with one or more unemployed spouse.