Moms Are Sneaking In "Me Time" & This is How

After motherhood, "me time" can seem like something that only happens in your dreams. That is, if you even have time to dream. Having tiny humans that depend on you for literally everything is no joke. I think most moms would admit that they have very little "me time" but according to a recent survey conducted by Netflix, 71% of U.S. moms admitted to sneaking in "me time" to watch their favorite shows. I guess you can say we've traded in "Netflix and chill" for "Netflix and laundry". 

Moms Are Sneaking "Me Time" By Streaming Their Favorite Shows | Netflix Study

The survey also found that: 

Sneaking is the New Bingeing for Moms | Me Time for Moms | Netflix Streaming |

“TV-talk” makes mom feel connected. 85% of U.S. moms agree that sneaking time to stream their must-watch shows makes them feel more “in touch” with pop culture, friends and coworkers

Streaming is the key to de-stressing. 21% of moms feel that they can be a better parent by de-stressing with a little TV “me-time”

Moms are repeat sneakers. 46% sneak their favorite or new must-watch shows at least 1-3 times a day. 

So, how exactly are moms finding time to sneak some stream time? 

- Getting Ready 

- Bathroom Break 

- While Working (Guilty!)

- Doing Laundry 

- Making Dinner 

- In the Driveaway 

- Running Errands 

- During the Commute 

- In the Carpool Lane at School

- Walking the Dog 

- While the Kids Play 

- Extra Time/ "Exercising" 

I have to admit, I am definitely guilty of this! I watch Netflix while working every day.

What about you? Are you stream sneaking? 

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