5 Things I Love About My Body


If I am being 100% honest, I have to say that the title of this post actually makes me cringe. "Love" and "my body" are not usually words I would put in the same sentence. Especially, not since I have had a baby.

So, why write it?

I need to get back to a place of loving myself more, particularly my body. Often times we think that we would be happier with the way we look if we looked better. While there is obvious truth to this, something that I think we don't always give attention to is that how we look on the outside often times reflects how we feel on the inside

There is not doubt that this is exactly where I have been with losing the baby weight. I have started a "diet" just about every single day since my son was a couple of months old. (And that is no exaggeration.) And, yet, I weigh more than I did at that point. 

Something has to change. 

I am starting with loving myself in this body regardless of whether or not I ever shed a pound again (once again, cringe). Of course, I want to lose weight and I need to lose weight to be healthier but I also need to stop this cycle of feeling bad about myself and, therefore, stuffing my face with chips and salsa! 

So, here we go... 5 things I love about my body. 

Positive body image is not based on how in shape we are on the outside. We can love our bodies even when they might need a little work. Click to read 5 Things I Love About My Body!

My boobs.  

Struggling with body image is not new to me, even though, over the past several years I really came to a good place with that. But, even in my not-so-good times, I have always liked my boobs. Maybe it's because I developed kind of young and, therefore, had "big" boobs which I did not like at all. So, as the rest of my body (and my age) caught up with my boobs, I really came to like them and the fact that they didn't keep growing!

I had heard so many terrible stories about what boobs look like after babies and it terrified me. I am still nursing my son, so I can't be sure what they will turn out to look like but for the moment I like them! 

My nails

You might be thinking that I'm only on number two and already reaching but I really mean this. I have always had pretty nice and strong nails. With all of the things that have changed about my body like my skin and hair type, I am happy that my nails are still healthy and strong. 

My stretch marks

Believe it or not, I am kind of grateful for my stretch marks. You see, I already had some before I had a baby. Now I feel like I have a good excuse. Plus, they remind me of that one time I grew a human inside of me. Which was the most amazing thing my body has ever done! 

My feet

I have small feet and I actually really worried that they would grow when I was pregnant, as happens to a lot of women. My small feet fit my short frame well, so I'm glad that didn't grow and that I didn't have to buy new shoes. Oh, and that I can still buy shoes in the kids section if I want! 

It works! 

Yes, I need to drop weight. More than I care to admit but, overall, I am in good health.  I have no sicknesses or ailments that prevent me from running, jumping and playing with my son. 

Your turn now! I want you to think of 5 things that you love about your body. Write them down. Put them somewhere that you will see them and be reminded to love your body.

When we love our bodies, we will take better care of them.