Celebrate Love With These Kid-Approved Valentine's Day Traditions

I've always been a fan of Valentine's Day and not as a romantic holiday. I think it's because my parents always made it a special day for us, they made it about family and showing love to one another. I know, I know, we can show each other love any day (and we should) but I don't think you can ever go wrong with a special day that's all about expressing our love. I appreciated how my parents celebrated Valentine's Day with us and I plan to do the same with my son.

My parents still do a family dinner on Valentine's Day, which my son now participates in. As much as I love that he is a part of a tradition I had as a little girl, I want us to have traditions of our own. Something I have decided on is doing something special for friends since we already have a tradition with family. One year we hosted a play date and last year, we made Valentine’s for some special people in our lives.

As I was thinking about doing Valentine’s Day traditions, I started wondering what traditions other families have. So, I asked some of my blogging friends to share their Valentine's Day traditions and, of course, I am sharing them with you! 

Celebrate Valentine's Day With These Kid Approved Traditions - Moms Share Their Family Valentine's Day Traditions -#valentinesday #vdayactivities #kidsactivities - For the Love of Mom Blog -www.fortheloveofmom.org

"We make a heart-shaped pizza every year. When I was little, we used to buy them from a local pizza shop. They went out of business a few years ago, but we still carry on the tradition." - The Salty Mamas

"My sons love cupcakes so we bake cupcakes. We then take our cupcakes, some popcorn and have a movie night with my husband. We watch anything they want. I look forward to it every year." - Ebony Hinton, Her Life on Purpose

"We make cards at home to send to our loved ones far from us. Also, a family dinner with dancing and fancy setting to make the day extra special." - Aditi, The World Through a Child's Eyes

"Every year we go to mountains and celebrate with family! We all wear matching PJs (including the pets) and take super goofy pictures! - Rosie, This Mom Life by Rosie

"We make a wall/window of what we love, everyone can join in - including visitors, it builds up over a few days depending on when the 14th falls. We also do a hunt for photos of people we love- with every photo there is a heart sweet x (I have photos which might help the hunt make sense!)" - The Frugal Family

"We like to bake heart-shaped cookies similar to Christmas cookies and pass them out to friends and family!" - Niki, Toot's Mom is Tired

"For the last 13 years, I have always gotten my oldest daughter a charm for a bracelet I got her for her first Valentine's Day in 2005. I started this as a way to have something symbolic for her to always remember me by ( I was young when I had her and it was literally one of the only things I could afford to do, and now I just continue the tradition). The charms aren't expensive, but just something that is representative of something she has done through the past year (like a pointe shoe charm, book, music note, etc)." -Natasha Brown, Grits & Grace

Celebrate Valentine's Day With These Kid Approved Traditions | Family Valentine's Day Traditions | #valentinesday | #vdayactivities | #kidsactivities | www.fortheloveofmom.org

"We do a family date with fancy food for the parents and heart-shaped pizza for the kids!" - Krystal, Healthy, Happy, Thrifty Family  

"We usually do heart-shaped pancakes, heart-shaped pizza. Each kid makes special cards for each other and for their classmates. We bake heart-shaped cookies and take them around to friends and family members and to the nursing home my sister works at. We like to get each of the kids a small gift and of course delicious chocolate!" - Mindy, Growing Great Kids

"Valentine's Day is one of our favorite holidays! I always decorate the kitchen table before the kids get home from school complete with a card, stuffed animal, and their favorite candy!" - Kristie, The Mom Life Chronicles

"We make a special trail mix with Valentine's M&Ms, and head outside to either go for a hike or to a sledding hill! We get our fill of fresh air, then enjoy our snack on the ride home! - Kara Moms Gone Outdoors

"Each day, I give them a heart cut out from a piece of paper with something I love about them written on it. The hearts then go in their scrapbooks. The kids love getting them each day and seeing what I wrote. Last year, they decided to write their own hearts for my husband. So sweet!" - Connie Deal, Lessons and Learning for Littles

"My husband gets me and my girls flowers and we make Valentine's cards for Daddy- usually with tracing our hands on a card." - Amanda, Mummy Confessions

"The two weeks before Valentine's Day we write what we love about family members on paper hearts and put them in a little mailbox we got from Target. At dinner, we read them out loud and then tape them to our bedroom doors so we can see how much love we have every day! Even though my kids can't read yet, they love seeing their hearts and telling me what to write for others. And it is fun for the hubby and me too!" - Kimberly, Team Cartwright

"My tradition is every year my boys wake up to a stuffed animal bear and card from Mom." -Stacy, Taylor411