Should Black History Month Really be A Thing?

I have been on a hunt for Black History Month resources for moms. I came across a few posts with books about Black history for children. Then, in moment of weakness, I did something that I have had to train myself not to do… I read the comments.

I wasn’t surprised that there were haters but I was surprised that the vast majority of them (at least the ones I saw) were they themselves Black.

If we believe that diversity and equality should be a way of life then should Black History Month be celebrateddd_  For the Love of Mom Blog -

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This got me thinking about whether or not Black History Month should actually be a thing.

The general consensus was that these books shouldn’t just be introduced to children during Black History Month, just as they shouldn’t only be for Black children. They should always fill our school classrooms and library bookshelves. And they should be for all children of all colors

We should be educated about important African-American figures in history all year long, not only during one month simply because of the color of their skin.

I could not agree more.

As the mother of a little boy that most of the world sees as Black and as a Latina woman, I know first-hand that diversity in our books, media, history, etc. is seriously lacking.

But is having one month that is dedicated to celebrating people of color the answer?

No. I really don’t think it is.

Just wait and here me out…

I do not think that Black, Hispanic, Asian American or any other month like this is the way to bring about diversity but it is a way to bring awareness - to let people know that there are many wonderful books that portray children of color that you can and should be reading to your child, whether you are white, black, brown or blue. And it is a way to make people aware of the vital role that people of color have played in our history.

Black History month teach us, all of us, the invaluable contributions that people from the African-American community have made to society.

While it should be happening all the time, the reality is that it’s not.

Unfortunately, it is often necessary to create ways for minority groups to be recognized for their talents, intelligence, accomplishments and contributions to society.

Is it “fair”?


Again, it should just be what we do. But it’s not. So, we must create space for it.

We can’t allow our frustration that this isn’t just normal stop us from celebrating this important month and those like it.

Black History Month is a much deserved space and I think that each one of us that believes in, equality, diversity and the vital role that African-American people have played in history have a responsibility to not only celebrate Black History Month but actively seek ways to make celebrating diversity and Black history the norm.

It should be a launching pad.

Because, at the end of the day, it’s not “Black history”, it’s history.

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