How to Thrive at Being a Work at Home Mom

Being a work at home mom would be a dream come true for many moms but without a little discipline and organization, it can easily turn into a nightmare. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you thrive at the work at home mom thing. 

Being a work at home mom is a dream come true for many moms but without some discipline and organization, it can quickly become a nightmare! Work at home mom tips _ How to Thrive at Being a Work at Home Mom _ www.png

Set Boundaries. 

One of the most challenging parts of working from home is that your work life and home life become very easily intertwined. While this is a bonus in some ways, it can also cause you to become distracted and unproductive in both areas. Setting boundaries is crucial to helping you give both your work life and your home life the best of you. Here are two tips to help you set and maintain boundaries as a work at home mom: 

  1.  Set "office hours". Some work at home jobs have set hours, many others do not. Don't make the mistake that many work from home moms make and work whenever you can find time. One of two things will happen: either you will never find time until the middle of the night or you will find small chunks of time all day long and you will never feel fully present at your job or in your home. As impossible as it may seem, set specific hours that you will work. Be realistic so that you can hold yourself to them as much as possible. 

  2. Have some device-free time. Phones, tablets, and laptops pose an added challenge in trying to maintain some work and home life balance. If you want to thrive as a work at home mom, be intentional about having device-free time. 

Get dressed and ready to work. 

Being able to work in your pajamas is another appealing part of working from home. But if you want to be productive - get up, get dressed and get to work. You may still choose some comfortable clothes but the important thing is that you aren't wearing what you wore to bed or three days ago. There's something about lounging clothes that just make you want to... lounge! Put a little makeup on, do your hair and change out of your pajamas.. If you're really ambitious... take a shower. 

Go outside. 

Be intentional about getting out of the house. Whether it's to go for a walk, play outside with your child or work at a coffee place with wifi, getting out can make a huge difference in your mood. 

Stay organized. 

Being a successful work at home mom requires organizing everything from your workspace to your calendar and to-do lists. 

Maintain your priorities. 

One of the biggest things you can do to thrive as a work at home mom is maintain your priorities. Most moms get a job working from home because they want to do things like attend field trips, class parties, and performances; they want to pick their kids up from school and not have to send them to daycare or they want to be home with their child and skip daycare altogether. Whatever, your reason for working from home is, write it down and don't forget it! 

Forgive yourself. 

There will inevitably be times that you feel like you're failing as a work at home mom - like you're either dropping the ball with your family or your job, most likely both... on different days. Don't be so hard on yourself and learn to forgive yourself for the bumps along the way.