How to Raise a Genius: 6 Tips

What does it take to make sure your baby will grow up to be successful and talented? Simple things, we say. Here are just a few tips from scientists and teachers — any mom or dad can use them, even if your child is only a few months old!

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 Routine or adventures

There are two theories on how to raise a baby. One stresses the necessity of regime and calm, predictable atmosphere. The other states that a child can benefit greatly from traveling, from the changing environment, from hearing of the foreign speech and meeting different people. If you aim to raise a genius, follow the second path! It is the one leading to earlier development.

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 Talking to the baby

It seems he can not understand a thing. And yet, the baby is analyzing the tremendous amount of information (that the brain of a grown-up is incapable of). So, name the things around you with the intonations of a grown-up even when the child is just a newborn. It will help him develop speech abilities faster.

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When should you start reading books to your child? Scientists insist: as soon as possible. Even on the first day after the birth, the child can recognize some words — the ones he repeatedly heard while still in the womb. Reading out loud will enhance the concentration abilities and expand the range of sounds and later — words. And what is more important, reading is a unique moment of bonding between mom and her baby.

How to Raise A Genius | Help Your Child Be Successful and Talented | #parenting | #pareintingtips | #momtips |

Math One

It’s hard to believe, but even the three-month old baby can already perceive quantity! Scientists prove that babies note when the number of objects changes. So, let’s not delay the first math lesson. To start with, simply say numbers out loud while showing your child two or three toys or bricks. Do you practice math with your child?

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Eye contact

Do you know, that you can help your child to develop attention skills by the power of an eye-contact? Scientists say, when the parents watch their kids playing, the child keeps attention to the game for a longer period than when he is not being watched. So, put away your phones and look at your little ones — for their future achievements!

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 Give your child a choice

Learning to make your own decisions might be the most crucial skill for a confident and strong personality, and your baby can start practiсing it already. Encourage him to make small decisions, like choosing between two toys (don’t offer the third one — it will become too difficult, the psychologists say). Later, the fun will continue, as you let the child chose clothes, foods or activities. And even more than that — you can encourage him to help you with small choices. Do you practice it with your little genius?

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