3 Ways to Prepare for Reading Comprehension in Your Preschooler

When your child is in the toddler or preschool years, reading comprehension may be the furthest thing from your mind, mostly because they can’t even read, yet. However, this vital reading skill can be developed long before your child can actually read.

Here are 4 ways for parents to help prepare preschoolers for reading comprehension:

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Ask a lot of questions.

Asking a lot of questions when you read with your child not only gives you a sense of what she is understanding but it also conditions your child to read for understanding. Instead of simply reading a story with fun rhymes your little one will start to think more about what is happening in the story over how funny the words sound. While you read, ask your child questions like, “why did he do that?” or “what would you do?”.

Practice Prediction

Predicting what will happen net in a story is a great way to help your little one with story comprehension because it requires him to know what’s going on. It’s ok if your child’s predictions don’t make sense, the more you practice the more the more your child’s comprehension and predicting skills will grow.

Encourage Storytelling

You don’t even need a book for this one! Telling stories, which involves a sequence of events, will help your toddler to build comprehension skills. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to stretch your child’s imagination… and yours!

Make a Book

You can take storytelling one step further with this fun activity. Gather stickers, foam cut outs, paper shapes, crayons, markers and anything else you may have in your craft supplies and make a book with your child. Have your child tell you about the story he is “writing”.

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