How to Make a Vision Board With Kids

As many people at the start of a new year do, I recently made a vision board. While it is something that I had planned to do with my son when he was older, I had not planned on making one with him now. But, as soon as he saw it, he wanted to make his own vision board or “project” as he called it.

So, I said “yes” and quickly came up with a plan to have my preschooler make a vision board of his own.

Before I get into how to help your child make a vision board, I want to give you 3 reasons to create a vision board with your child.

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It encourages them to be visionary and a dreamer.

Kids, especially younger ones, are the best dreamers. They literally have no limitations to their dreams. As adults, we tend to place limitations on them because we “know better”. So, they don’t necessarily need to be taught to dream but they certainly should be encouraged to do so.

Making a vision board with kids will encourage the dreamer in them.

It shows them that you care about their dreams.

Something as simple as creating a vision board with your kids shows them that you care about their dreams. Don’t underestimate how huge that is!

It gives you accountability.

If you are reading this post then I think it’s safe to assume that you want to invest in your child’s dreams and goals. Making a vision board with your child will hold you accountable to that!

How to make a vision board with your child:

Get a poster board or large piece of paper.

Your vision board doesn’t have to be an actual “board”. You can use a large piece of paper if that’s what you have.

Set out age appropriate pictures from magazine pages.

I do not recommend setting out stacks of magazines unless they are specifically children’s magazines. You can go through and tear out kid-friendly pictures. Try not too put too much thought into what you are tearing, so that you are not steering the vision too much but, rather, allowing your child to do it.

When I did my son’s, if I saw something that I just knew he would love (for example, he wants to go to the Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower), I would tear it out as an option for him; I did not tell him to put it on his board.

Assist with gluing and cutting, as necessary.

Depending on the age of your child, she may need assistance with cutting and gluing the pictures. I did the cutting and my son did the gluing.

Engage in conversation.

As your child is working on the vision board, make sure to actively engage in conversation. Talk about his dreams and share some of your own dreams.

Making a vision board with your child is really a simple process but it can be powerful!

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