How to Choose a Word of the Year & Ideas for a Word of the Year

I love the start of a New Year and making goals or resolutions, whatever you want to call them. It’s exciting to me to start fresh in a sense. This year I’ve decided to do something different and have chosen a word of the year for 2019. I will still have some goals but I decided that I wanted a theme for the year to help me stay focused on my priorities.

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My word for 2019 is experience.

I initially wanted to go with memories or memorable but I decided that the word experience could fit into every aspect of my life - my family, my personal life and my professional life. I want to experience life in a greater way in all of these areas and I want to create experiences with a lasting impact for others.

Tips for choosing a word of the year:

If you would like to choose a word of the year but don’t know how to start, here are some tips to help you out.

Write down your goals.

You may not be a resolutions person but writing down your goals for the year can help you identify a common theme. For example, I have a goal of taking one day or weekend trip per month and one larger trip per quarter. I also have a major goal for my job to create a place where kids are excited to be no matter how many times they go, like Disneyland. And for my blog, I want to focus on encouraging moms to create memorable moments with their kids. With these goals alone, the word “experience” seemed to be a great fit.

Do positive word dump

Jot down as many positive or inspirational words you can think of. Try not to think too much about what your writing, the idea is just to get some ideas flowing.

Use a Thesaurus

Maybe you already have a word or theme in mind (or perhaps you have one now after writing your goals!) but it’s not quite resonating with you. Look up the word in a thesaurus to find another word that might click for you.

Get Inspiration from Others

Crowd sourcing is a great way to find your word. Ask your friends on social media if they have a word of the year. Even if you don’t take one of theirs, it is likely to get the wheels turning in your mind an may lead you to your word. You can also google images of “word of the year”, positive words or download the list I’ve made of 140 words!