How to Buy Shoes for Toddlers & Babies the Right Way

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Some parents may not be fully aware of when they should buy shoes for their child. It can also be easy to get caught in buying "cute" shoes for your child but be very careful as this could affect how his feet develop. This infographic from Walsh Brother Shoes takes you through everything you need to know about buying shoes for your little one!

One of the most vital things is that you don’t buy shoes for your child before he can walk, as this can get in the way of healthy feet development. You can, however, buy ‘pre-walkers’ to protect your baby's feet before she starts walking.

Don’t just buy any pair you find in the shop, either: try to visit a specialist store for children’s shoes if there is one in your city. Get your child's feet measured accurately and remember that this measurement may only be accurate for a few months. It’s amazing how quickly their feet grow at this age so watch out for your child's feet bursting out of them within a couple of months!

Choosing-Shoes-for-Toddlers | How to Buy Shoes for Your Baby or Toddler | Advice for Parents | #parenting | #toddlers | #babies |

Paula Casey writes content for Walsh Brothers Shoes. Walsh Brothers Shoes has been selling shoes since 1902 and they sell a wide selection of well known brands of shoes including Skechers, Clarks and Converse for all ages.



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