3 Things I Did to Overcome My Fear of Childbirth

When I was pregnant, I was scared out of my mind at the thought of delivering a baby. This fear was always there but it kicked in to overdrive somewhere around 30 weeks gestation. It was so bad that when people would ask me if I was “excited”, I couldn’t even bring myself to say something like, “I’m excited to hold my baby.”

I was not one bit excited to have a baby. I was terrified.

All I could think about was the pain and how I did not think I was actually capable of giving birth; I couldn’t even look forward to the end result - a beautiful baby boy.

I realize that feeling anxious about childbirth is natural but I believe that this fear only contributes to the pain. And if you are so crippled by your fear, as I was, then you will miss out on the milestones of your pregnancy.

While my labor turned out to be nothing like I had hoped and I found myself in the hospital having to conquer fear, once again, I can say that I was pretty calm and at ease for the last several weeks of my pregnancy.

I did a complete 180. I truly was not afraid.

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Here are 3 things I did that helped me to conquer my fear of childbirth:

I watched childbirth videos.

It’s natural to fear the unknown and giving birth is, especially for the first time, is full of unknowns. At the suggestion of my friend and Doula, I watched natural childbirth videos on YouTube in preparation for my own delivery. I believe this played a big part in easing my mind about childbirth because the more I watched the less “unknown” it became; the more familiar I became with the process, the more I began to feel that I too could join the ranks of the millions of women who have given birth.

I memorized quotes about fear.

For me, most of these quotes came in the form of Bible verses because faith is a big part of my life and where I draw encouragement but you could easily adapt this to reading positive quotes regarding fear.

I looked up Bible verses that addressed fear and wrote them down on index cards that I made from card stock. I put some around my mirror where I do my makeup and the rest I left in a pile that I would read through regularly. and I memorized them.

Again, you could use any quotes you want that address fear and read them over and over… and over!

I listened to Childbirth declarations.

In watching childbirth videos I came across one where the woman attributed her “easy” childbirth to listening to the CD Childbirth in the Glory during labor. Full disclosure, I really didn’t believe child labor could be “easy” or “painless” but I was willing to give it a try!

I downloaded Childbirth in the Glory and listened to it every night for the last four weeks of my pregnancy. I also listened to it any time I needed to relax. While I did not end up with an easy or painless childbirth experience, this CD helped tremendously in keeping my pre-labor anxieties at bay.

Childbirth in the Glory is focused on having a supernatural childbirth experience and, therefore, uses a lot of prayers and Scriptures but, again, you can find other declarations or make your own. Start with, “My body was made for this and it will perform the way it was designed to perform.”

In order for me to overcome my debilitating fear, I had to surround myself with positive messages - I watched them, recited them and listened to them - I starved my fear by feeding myself messages of hope and faith in myself that I could handle childbirth no matter what would happen in the delivery room.

How did (or do) you fight the fear of childbirth?

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