4 Goals That Every Family Needs To Make

I am a really big believer in setting goals and it is a habit I plan to teach my son to have. As a preschooler, he may be a little young to come up with his own goals, but I still think that setting family goals is important and I have been setting family goals since he was a baby!

If you haven't set family goals, I encourage you to do so. If you have older kiddos, you can include them in the process! If not, here are some goals that every family can set. 

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Enjoy the great outdoors more.

I am actually a little nervous to make this public but one of my family goals for 2018 is to hike at least once a month, primarily so that we can enjoy nature more. Getting out in the outdoors, often makes us more active and it also will help your family to love, appreciate and take care of the earth! 

Give to others in need. 

No matter how much or how little you may have, there is always something we can do to give to others, even if it is our time. There are many ways you can include your kids in giving to others. You can join a community service project or involve them in donating their clothes or toys to families in need. 

Learn about other cultures.

This may not seem like a significant thing but exposing your kids to different cultures is a great way to instill respect for others in your children. You don't have to leave the country to learn about other cultures (but, hey, if you can... go for it!). Read books, try new foods, go to festivals, or make new friends - there are so many ways to expose your children to different customs. 

Build or create something. 

Planning and making something together as a family creates opportunities for teamwork and practicing patience. And, if you make something that requires maintenance (like a garden), it will teach your kids responsibility.