Glen Alpine Falls: A Toddler Friendly Waterfall in South Lake Tahoe

Every since my son saw The Tiger Family Trip, he has wanted to go to a waterfall and one of my biggest goals in life is to make his dreams happen, so I decided that I would find a toddler-friendly waterfall to visit while on our annual family vacation in South Lake Tahoe. Since I had planned to take him alone, I wanted the easiest option possible. As it turns out my mom joined us but this was still the perfect choice because hiking would be a challenge for her. (Ok, fine, and me too!) Glen Alpine Falls was a perfect choice! 

Glen Alpine Falls is the perfect toddler-friendly waterfall to visit while on vacation in South Lake Tahoe, California. Click to find out why! #toddlers #familytravel #visitcalifornia

Why Glen Alpine Falls is Perfect for Toddlers

This is the perfect waterfall for toddlers because there is no hiking required. You can literally drive up to the waterfall. It reminded me of one of Rainbow Falls on the Big Island of Hawaii, except that one has a parking lot and Glen Alpine Falls is located on a narrow road. There is an option to hike down to the bottom of the waterfall or hike up to get a view from the top but you can also drive up and get a perfect view of the waterfall without doing any hiking. 

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Driving To Glen Alpine Falls

The toughest part of visiting Glen Alpine Falls is the drive. Particularly, if you can't handle narrow roads. I am not typically a nervous driver but I was nervous to make this drive after reading reviews about it. Perhaps I had built it up to be so bad that it turned out not to be bad at all but it really wasn't. It is indeed quite narrow but if you just take it slow and aren't aggressive, it is not so bad. We passed quite a few large trucks, so any size vehicle is fine but, again just be cautious!

Glen Alpine Falls - South Lake Tahoe -

Parking at Glen Alpine Falls

Again, the road is extremely narrow and parking is limited. If you want to get close to the waterfall, so your toddler doesn't have to walk too far, I recommend going early. We got there before 11am (on a summer day) and there were no cars, by the time we left around noon, there was no nearby parking. 

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Directions to Glen Alpine Falls

To get to Glen Alpine Falls, take Fallen Leaf Road from Highway 89. It is approximately 3 miles but takes about 20 minutes, depending on how many times you have to stop along the narrow road. Don't forget to take pictures of the gorgeous view of the lake! 

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