Gentle Essential Oils for Calming Children

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Children are naturally playful and energetic. However, their hyperactivity may sometimes result in problems with focus, attention, and sleeping habits. One of the best solutions to address these problems immediately is to use essential oils.

Since children are still under development, they are more sensitive to essential oils' aromas. Thus, they can reap benefits from essential oils more easily than adults. However, their receptiveness to the oils' therapeutic effects is also the reason you should take caution when using essential oils to children.

Caution for Using Essential Oils with Children

Essential oils are more concentrated versions of herbal extracts. They are potent enough to bring serious harm to children when used inappropriately. The rule of thumb when applying essential oils topically is to dilute them first.

An adult typically needs to dilute essential oil to one to two percent. Since a child's skin is more sensitive, the concentration must be lowered to 0.25%. A 0.25%-concentration means that a single drop of essential oil should be mixed with four teaspoons of carrier oil (e.g. coconut oil, flaxseed oil, almond oil).

In other words, an essential oil-carrier oil mixture should be composed of 0.25% essential oil and 99.75% carrier oil. The carrier oil will tone down the potency of essential oil to make it more tolerable for a child's skin. This rule only applies when you want to use essential oil directly on your child's skin. Inhaling essential oil is still the best way to take in its benefits although it must also be done with extra care.

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5 Essential Oils You Can Use To Calm Children

Not all essential oils are safe for children. Most of them are only allowed for babies who are six months old and above. In choosing essential oils, always check whether it is right for your child's age or not.


Vetiver oil is an age-old essential oil that is also known as oil of tranquility. Its soothing aroma has healing and protective properties. It can calm your child and increase his focus and alertness.

Vetiver was also proven to treat children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In 2001, Dr. Terry Friedman conducted a study which involved children diagnosed with ADHD. It was found that vetiver oil helped combat their ADHD symptoms. Also, among cedarwood, vetiver, and lavender essential oils, it was vetiver oil which increased the children's performance by 100%.

Inhaling and applying vetiver essential oil is safe for 2-year old and older children. Any carrier oil may be mixed with vetiver oil. For kids, a topical mixture with vetiver oil may exceed the standard concentration of .05% but it should not exceed 2%.

Idaho Blue Spruce

Idaho blue spruce oil has an emotional-clearing effect that can reduce your child's anxiety level. It has also been associated with the treatment of autism among kids due to its effect in healing the spinal column. Healing the spinal column can help regenerate the vagal nerve and regenerating the vagal nerve can reverse symptoms of autism.

Idaho blue spruce essential oil is also an instant pain-reliever that specifically addresses nerve-related pain. This oil, along with other spruce essential oils, can be used for children aged six years and above.


Mandarin essential oil is the kid-friendly version of lemon essential oil. Its citrus scent has hints of sweetness which makes it lighter than other citrus aromas. It does not only calm children with its relaxing scent but it also uplifts children who suffer from anxiety.

Mandarin essential oil can be diffused and applied for babies aged six months and above. It blends well with rose, lavender, and cypress.


Obtained from the evergreens, cypress oil is an essential oil with fresh anxiety-relieving scent. It has a sedative effect that tranquilizes excitement and nervousness in children. It is commonly recommended for children who suffer from emotional stress.

Cypress essential oil has an antispasmodic property which can clear up congestion and calm the respiratory system. It is also effective in eliminating phlegm buildup in your child's lungs.

Cypress oils are safe for six-month-old babies and above. The standard .05%-concentration must strictly be followed in diluting cypress oil for topical use.


Cinnamon essential oil balances a child's emotional stability. Its calming scent provides a feeling of security. It also promotes a healthy immune system and blood circulation when inhaled.

With its calming effect, cinnamon essential oil can give your child a warm and cozy feeling. It helps put your child to sleep. It can also help boost your child's concentration.

Cinnamon essential oil blends well with mandarin oil and cypress oil. Cinnamon is safe to diffuse for babies aged 6 months and above. However, only the cinnamon leaf essential oil may be used topically. Cinnamon bark essential oil should not be applied directly on the skin of any child regardless of age.

Children are less capable of handling adverse effects of essential oils. Misapplication may result in serious threat to them. So, it is best to take caution if you are planning to use other essential oils that are not mentioned above.

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