How to Play With Your Infant From 4 To 6 Months Old

Playtime with your baby is far more than fun and games. As I mentioned in How to Play With Your Baby From Birth To 3 Months, playing with your baby is crucial to his developing mind and body. And it's also wonderful for bonding. Making time to play with your little one is extremely important. Plus, you know, it’s fun! Here are some games to play with your baby at 4-6 months old. Of course, many of the activities in the previous post would still apply. 

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Blast Off! 

I started doing this with my son at about 4 months and he loved it. All you do is hold the baby in a sitting position on the ground or in your lap and count down from 10 to 1. Then you say, “Blast off” and lift the baby into the air. Blast off is something that you can do long after 4-6 months, too. 

Kiss Up’s 

This is a perfect activity for making eye contact with your little one while getting some kisses and exercise in. Lay baby down on the ground and do push up’s directly over the baby. Every time you go down kiss your baby. This was a favorite of ours. I still try to sneak them in every now and then but it is now pretty impossible to get my busy toddler to lay still!

Grasping for Ribbons

You’ve probably noticed that your sweet baby loves grabbing stuff, like your hair! This is a perfect game to encourage grasping (and give your head a break). Hang some ribbon from a play gym (we loved our Baby Einstein play gym), lay your baby on her back so she can grab for the ribbons. Use colorful ribbon, if possible! Of course, you will want to make sure to exercise strict supervision. 

Magic Carpet Ride

Lay your baby on a blanket and gently pull him around the floor. I first tried this with my son at a playgroup when he was 4 months old. I was really nervous and went way slower than the other moms did but my little guy loved it. It became an activity we enjoyed for a while and got faster as he got older.  Just start slow and see how it goes!