50 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

As we are counting down to summer, now is a great time to make plans for some fun activities to do with the kids. I have made a list of 50 activities you can do. Many you can do at home or locally. There are also several ideas to include friends, extended family and neighbors. Make this summer a memorable one with a few of these ideas! 

50 Fun Summer Activities for Kids | Things to do with kids over the summer | Summer Fun Ideas www.fortheloveofmom.org


  1. Build an epic fort. 
  2. Do your own Mud Run
  3. Have a luau. 
  4. Go to the beach and have a sand castle building contest.
  5. Visit a children's or science museum. 
  6. Have a messy game night
  7. Make ice cream sandwiches. 
  8. Plant a garden. 
  9. Got to a fair or amusement park. 
  10. Film a family movie or start a YouTube channel
  11. Have a picnic in the park. 
  12. Make a family tree. 
  13. Do a DIY Color Run
  14. Take a class at Michael's. 
  15. Go to a movie in the park. 
  16. Put on a play for friends or family. 
  17. Have a sports tournament.
  18. Make homemade ice cream.
  19. Visit a local fire station. 
  20. Walk or bike a local trail. 
  21. Do squirt gun painting.
  22. Take an art class.
  23. Have a black light or glow in the dark party
  24. Make homemade pizza.
  25. Create a giant ice cream sundae.
  26. Go on a walk and collect nature items in a "nature box". 
  27. Have kids create and make (with some help) the menu for dinner.
  28. Take a day trip on the train. 
  29. Have a costume party.
  30. Make greeting cards and send them to friends or family. 
  31. Organize a neighborhood block party (or just a party!). 
  32. Make play dough.
  33. Set up a lemonade stand. 
  34. Have a Christmas in July party. 
  35. Visit an aquarium. 
  36. Play Jenga in the backyard
  37. Go play laser tag.
  38. Make a sandbox. 
  39. Have an unbirthday party. 
  40. Make slime.
  41. Set up a volleyball net in the backyard. 
  42. Play water balloon games
  43. Have a hula hoop contest. 
  44. "Visit" another country or city without leaving the house. 
  45. Make jewelry or other accessories, like this pearl headband
  46. Make the World's Best DIY Slip and Slide.
  47. Camp in the backyard. 
  48. Volunteer at a food pantry. 
  49. Make a "beach"in the backyard
  50. Put on a talent show.