6 Activities to Help Toddlers and Preschoolers With Number Recognition

Number recognition is an important part of establishing great math skills later in life. There are many fun ways to help your toddler or preschooler with number recognition, below are 6 activities to help your child with number recognition.

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Paper Plate Puzzles

Grab some paper plates, scissors and a sharpie and make some paper plate puzzles for your little one.

Clothespin Match

This is a great activity is great not just for number recognition but it’s also helps with counting. If your child is not quite ready for the counting part, you can write the numbers on the clothespins instead and just have your toddler match the numbers.

Printables & Simple Worksheets

You can download simple worksheets on a site like Teachers Pay Teachers or Etsy. You can also create your own. I recently made a coloring sheet with 6 cars, each one numbered on the sheet. It doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t have to push anything on your child.
Number Printable for Preschoolers - fortheloveofmom.org

Parking Garage Game

If you have a car-loving toddler or preschooler then this is the perfect way to work on number recognition. Depending on the age and recognition level of your child, allow your child to play and assist by naming the numbers as the cars are “parked”. Or you can play a fun game and call out a number, allowing your child to “park” at the corresponding parking space

Parking Garage Number Recognition Game - For the Love of Mom Blog - fortheloveofmom.org


Play a game of hopscotch with your little one to help her become familiar with numbers. Make up your own rules or just let your preschooler jump around, it really doesn’t matter.


Learning Apps

If you allow your child to play games or watch shows on apps, you might consider swapping those out for an educational app, like ABCmouse.com which is the app we use and my son loves it.

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