Fun & Educational Things to Do With Kids

Summer is upon us and moms are searching the internet over for fun things to do with their kids or just things to do with kids, in general. There are really so many ideas out there (speaking of, did you catch my post on how to make summer epic?) but don't forget that there are some great educational activities that you can do with your kids, too! 

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Arts & Crafts

Anything hands on is a great way for kids, of any age, to learn. More specifically, arts & crafts will activate the senses, develop critical thinking skills & encourage creativity. What I love about arts & crafts is that it really doesn't need to be complicated! With simple supplies like construction paper, foam shapes, markers and pipe cleaners your kids can come up with some great creations. For younger children, all of these supplies are perfect for teaching things like shapes & colors. 


I think I mention music in the majority of my posts. Personally, I love music. It moves me. For kids, music is an important part of development. It's also a great way to help kids learn and memorize things. You can find a song to teach just about anything, like the U.S. states & capital cities. (On YouTube, of course.) 

Water Play

We all know water is fun but who knew it could also be educational? According to this article, it can help with gross and fine motor skills, develops communication skills, stimulates creativity and it's even therapeutic! Check out this pin for 16 water play projects

Fun Activities That Teach Kids | Fizzy Ice Experiment |

Science Experiments

I sort of can't believe I'm saying this because, I pretty much sucked at science growing up. But science experiments really are fun and if you have a science resistant child you can introduce him to science without him even knowing. You can also do science experiments at any age. I recently did this Fizzy Ice activity that I saw on Facebook with my son. He had a blast! A really great resource for science experiments is Science Sunday at Blooming Brilliant. I really want to try the Magnetic Slime experiment. 


You were waiting for this one, weren't you? Obviously, reading is a crucial skill to have, but it also helps kids develop their imaginations and it can teach valuable life lessons. Plus, there are many activities you can add to make a book come to life for kids (including some of the activities mentioned above!). To prove that reading is fun, I have partnered with the Jacob Stull, author of The King's Locket

After adopting orphans Thomas and Anna at birth and giving them mysterious heart-shaped lockets, King Pador, Queen Sonya, and Prince Verdon must find a way to rescue the children from the sinister plans of a dreadful creature that has imprisoned them in the Outerlands. The Royal Family’s magical bond, the children they love dearly, and their entire kingdom are all at stake. 

Children and adults will enjoy and benefit from this beautiful story of betrayal, forgiveness, and unconditional love. This classic fairy tale includes fourteen full-page, hand-drawn illustrations that bring the story’s vivid imagery to life.

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