Family Travel Blogs That Will Inspire You

Photo Credit: Nicholas Prieto

Photo Credit: Nicholas Prieto

I think I could live happily as a vagabond. I love to travel that much and having "roots", as most of would define them, is not all that important to me. To the dismay of some, my free spirit has not dissipated at all with motherhood. If anything, my desire to travel has only grown stronger. My ideal situation for my son and I would include me never having to return to a traditional work environment and world schooling for him!

Some would think I have my head stuck in the clouds but that's OK with me since I won't be inviting them to join us. Having kids doesn't mean the end of travel or living abroad and I have some great travel family bloggers to prove it!

Here are 5 family travel blogs that will inspire you to pursue your dream of travelling... with kids in tow.

Babies who Travel

This site is packed with reviews, advice and other information you may not have even realized you needed, like travel insurance for babies and a flying nanny!

Family Travel Blogger

If you are looking for tips from a professional, look no further. Coralie Parsons, founder of Family Travel Blogger, has years of experience in the travel industry.

Strollering The Globe

If you’ve travelled with kids, you know it’s not always smooth sailing (or flying). What I love about this blog is that Stacy, owner of Strollering the Globe, is authentic about what life with kids and travel is really like!

The Family Without Borders

I love this family! In the post How to Stay Over On a Trip? We learn that they sleep on couches, tents, in hostels… basically, nothing holds them back from enjoying a life of travel.

Tapped Out Travellers

This family moved from Canada to Germany and they have certainly not wasted the opportunity that living in another part of the world brings. I love following their adventures and the tips and advice this blog offers. (Check out this post by Christine, owner of Tapped Out Travellers, on why she chooses to travel with kids.)

If you have a desire to travel with kids, I hope you will check out these blogs and get inspired that it is doable!