Family Photo shoot Ideas: Tips For Making Your Photos Unique

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Capturing Special Moments

As a child, a lot of us will remember the annoyance of being scrubbed up and taken along to a studio

photography session. Wearing a posh outfit, being on your best behavior and ordered around by a

random photographer… all in all, it isn’t a fond experience to look back on!

These days though, family photography doesn’t have to be such an organized affair. Going for a

family photo shoot, believe it or not, can be fun for everyone. It tends to be the more natural and silly

photos that are the most special. So, when you book your family in for a photo shoot, simply be

prepared to let loose and be yourselves.

Here are some family photo shoot ideas to make sure that you make the most of your session and

come away with some images that will be plastered on practically every wall and passed down the


Family photo shoot ideas. Tips for making your photos unique. - For the Love of Mom Blog -


The first tip for making sure your family photo shoot is successful in capturing a variety of wonderful

photos is to think carefully about what you are all wearing. You may assume that professional

photographers want you to all wear matching or coordinating outfits, but actually, this could make the

images seem forced and unnatural.

It is definitely worth speaking to your photographer for advice, but opting for similar hues of colors

and avoiding harsh patterns is your best bet. Other than that, you should choose clothing that you feel

truly represents the character of you and your family. It’s no good dressing your kids up in smart suits

and dresses. When you walk past the images in your home, you want them to bring you joy and

remind you why your family is special, not to look like a different family altogether!

If you find the right photography company, they will allow you a large degree of freedom in what you wear and who comes along. Nousha are London-based and specialize in family photography that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A Nousha family photo shoot is unique as it aims to capture silly moments to show the character of each family and child. All their images are special in their own way and can be used for a range of purposes.

Plan what you would like images for

The second of these family photo shoot ideas is to make sure that you have a good idea in your head

of what the images taken may be used for.

Will it be a family Christmas card? Will it be sent around the grandparents? Will you be using a few

images as decor for your own home? Or perhaps all of the above? The purpose of your family

photo shoot may affect the types of shots that your photographer focuses on. There is no harm in

telling the photographer what kinds of images you are most interested in too - although, don’t go too

far and end up being one of those annoying pushy parents.

Depending on what you want to get out of your studio photography, this may also affect what you

wear and the time of year that you decide to book in for, so it’s definitely a useful thing to keep in


Make an effort

To continue these hopefully helpful family photo shoot ideas, it is important to really make an effort on

the day and prior to your session. You will have no doubt spent a significant amount of money on the

experience, so make the most of it!

In terms of preparation, there are a number of things to keep in mind, especially with little ones in the

picture. Get everyone in bed early the night before, make sure everyone is up and dressed with time to

spare and, last but not least, make sure no one goes into the photo shoot hungry. Taking snacks with

minimal potential for mess is a good idea, although food may not be allowed in the studio.

As well as getting your children looking respectable, why not take some time to make yourself feel

great too? The photos captured will last a lifetime, so you don’t want a bad hair day to get in the way!

Communicate with the photographer

Finally, to conclude these family photo shoot ideas, don’t be afraid to talk to your photographer! They

will more than likely have years of experience in how to make people feel comfortable in front of a

lens and capture unique images. However, there is no harm in telling them what you/your children

would enjoy or not enjoy to avoid any wasted time.