5 Expert Tips to Motivate Your Little One to Brush Their Teeth

Tantrums and whining about brushing before bed gets old really quick.  There is a better way to get your little one to brush their teeth without the annoying tantrum. Let me help you out with tips to motivate your little one to brush their teeth.

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Put on a happy face

First, we have to start with you mama. Yes, you. Did you know that your kids pick up their energy or how to respond to a situation based on how you react?  If you are scared of something your child may mirror your fear and be scared as well. Or my favorite is they know they will get a certain response out of you if they do a certain something. So they will do that certain something just to drive you crazy. Instead of dragging your feet when walking to the bathroom in the evening to brush before bed, put a little pep in your step! Get excited that you are about to brush your teeth.  

Yes, you are excited to brush your teeth.  As silly as it sounds it will eventually make it less of a chore and a fun part of your child’s night routine because they pick up on your excitement.

Get the gear

Now to really get the excitement going get your little one a toothbrush with their favorite character.  There is nothing more exciting for a kid than Thomas the Train or Doc McStuffins on their toothbrush. It is the coolest thing ever!

Are you having a problem finding the character that your little loves?  Head over to Amazon and I am sure that you will find something that will work in their assortment of kids toothbrushes.

While we are talking about toothbrushes.  Getting an electric toothbrush is helpful if your child is over the age of three or can tolerate the sensation that comes from an electric toothbrush.  An electric toothbrush helps do a lot of the work for you so that you get the teeth cleaner.

You don’t have to break the bank getting the top of the line toothbrush for your child.  My favorite is the electric toothbrushes at Walmart that are only $5.

Motivation Charts for the visual kids

I had seen many motivational charts around when I was potty training my son, but honestly thought that my child would not respond positively to them because he was only three at the time.  Once he got the hang of it and saw those stickers adding up, potty training became a breeze.

A tooth brushing chart can be helpful in reinforcing good oral hygiene and positive reinforcement if your little one knows that they are going to get a prize in the end.

I created a tooth brushing chart that you can get here that can be used as a reminder and a motivator to brush daily so that your little one can claim a prize the end of the week.  

Now this prize doesn’t have to expensive.  It could be a fifty cent toy car or a bottle of bubbles from the Dollar Tree.  If your child has a too many toys and you don’t want to add to their never ending collection, you can do experiences like going to the playground or creating slime.

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is not only a parenting tool, but can be used in many other relationships including motivating your team at work or your husband at home to get the honey-do list completed.  

Praising your little one for a job well done will make them feel great and make them want to perform the action again to make mommy proud. Take time to give praises like, “good job” or “you did it”  

Or you can even bust out with a song and dance.  My favorite is Dora the Explorer “We did it.” Instead, I say “you did it.”

Mommy’s turn

Leading by example is powerful for kids.  They mimic everything you do. Try brushing your teeth while they are brushing their teeth to get them motivated.  And remember to be excited about it.

The last trick up my sleeve that has worked for many moms is what I like to call “your turn, my turn.”  Let your child brush your teeth. Yes, you read that right. Brush YOUR teeth.

Let your little one do a fantastic job of brushing mom's teeth then, you tell your little one “my turn.” Then you brush THEIR teeth.  This helps to reduce the tears and the whining and makes your child have a little fun while also making them feel like they have accomplished something.

There you have it.  These tips are all mommy dentist approved.  

I know that with time and motivation you will have your little brushing their.  Not only that, they will be happy about brushing their teeth as long as you don’t give up.

Now go put on your happy face mom!

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