Easy Tree Craft for Toddlers

Right now my son and I are doing nature themed play. We started with the sky and last week we did trees, which is perfect for the fall season. One of the activities we did was this really easy tree craft, it's great for toddlers but older children would enjoy it, too! 

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Items Needed: 

Brown construction paper

White  paper 

Green paint

Small container for paint (we use egg cartons!) 

Q-Tip (optional) 

Red, orange or yellow finger paint (optional for a "fall" tree)


Cut a "trunk" out of brown construction paper. Set out the glue, paint and papers for your child. 


Glue the "trunk" on the white paper. Help your child put fingers in the paint and make "leaves" out of fingerprints. You may also use q-tips for the leaves. 


Ask your child questions about trees. What color are the leaves? Are trees big? Are they small? 

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